Pirate Genie-in-a-Bottle! title card Jake: "Pirate Genie-in-a-Bottle!"


[Opening Scene: The Jolly Roger's afloat on rough waves, splashing and rocking the ship as a storm begins to develop]

Mr. Smee: Oh, carefully there boys. The cap'n has had that treasure chest ever since he was a wee pirate lad. [Bones and Sharky carrying a chest out onto the deck from Captain Hook's cabin]

Hook: And it holds some of me most valuable treasures. [Walks onto the scene]

Sharky: Like golden gold?

Bones: And jewels, shiny and sparkly-like?

Hook: Oh, much more valuable than that. [Opens the chest and pulls out a rusty trumpet] 'Tis me trumpet! One of the very first treasures I ever found. [Blows a discordant note and gives a inspective glare at it].

[The wind starts howling, blowing strongly down on the crew]

Sharky: Storm's a-brewin'! [Holding onto his hat]

[Thunder crashes as the storm rocks the Jolly Roger side to side, sending Captain Hook with several things on deck to the side]

Hook: Ah! Me treasure! [Slides to the rail, loses his grip on the trumpet as it falls overboard into the sea]

[Scene changes to Pirate Island where Jake, Cubby, Izzy and Skully are out on the water, wavesurfing on their boards]

Jake: Waves away!

Cubby: Gangway!

Izzy: Yay-hay! [Laughs]

Jake: Whoo-hoo! [Laughs]

Cubby: Look alive, me hearties! A ship's coming in. A ship in a bottle! [Points to a floating bottle]

[Close up of the bottle showing an oil lamp-shaped sailboat inside. The bottle washes up to shore]

Jake: Cool! Let's check it out! [Jake and the other surf onto shore]

[Briefly sees Captain Hook and Mr. Smee on deck of the Jolly Roger]

Hook: [Gasps] Those puny pirates have found something. [Looks through his spyglass at the beach where Jake's crew is] Methinks it's me treasured trumpet!

Smee: Cap'n, do you really think it's...

Hook: Captain Hook does not need to think! [Interrupts Mr. Smee] I am certain they have found me trumpet! You know what to do, boys. Sharky & Bones: Set sail for Pirate Island! [Let loose the sails]

[Scene changes back to Pirate Island where Jake, Cubby, Izzy and Skully check out the ship-in-a-bottle]

Jake: I wonder how long this ship-in-a-bottle's been floating. [Picks up the bottle and brushes off the sand]

[A gold swirl of light spins around and the cork pops off on its own. Light blue smoke swirls out of the bottle to Jake's amazement as a young man flys out of the bottle]

Pip: Whoo-hoo! It sure is great to be free! [Arms stretched out as he loops around in the air, leaving a blue smoke trail] There's never enough room in that bottle! Ha-ha!

Izzy: Shiver me timbers! Who are you? [Standing beside her crewmates gleefully]

Pip: I'm Pip, the Pirate Genie. [Flys down and changes his smokey tail into legs to the crew]

Jake: You're a genuine genie?

Pip: One hundred percent, through and through! From me head to me toes! [Points to his head and left boot]

Cubby: Wow! Are you the kind of genie that makes wishes come true?

Pip: Aye, but not just any old wishes. I'm a pirate genie. And that means I make wishes for treasure come true! [Changes back to his smoky tail and flips into the air]

[Starts singing "What Be Your Wish"] Pip: "I'm a genuine genie of the pirate sort, [spins and poofs in front of the crew]

And I grant treasure-wishes,

For galleons, jewels or gold doubloons, [Claps, briefly materializing what he said]

Or a tail like a mermaid fish's. [Changes his tail like a mermaid's]

I never met a matey on the Never Sea,

Or anywhere else at that, [Swirls around with Skully playfully]

Who didn't have a hundred treasure wishes,

Under their pirate hat, [Briefly materialize a captain's hat for his own head]

What be your wish? [Loops around and points to the crew]

Jake, Cubby & Izzy: Your treasure wish. [Do a group circle wave with their arms]

Pip: What be your wish? [Twirls on the sand as his tail changes to legs again]

Jake, Cubby & Izzy: Your treasure wish. [Do a group pose with Skully]

Pip: You can wish for treasure great or grand,

'Cause your wish be my command. [Step up to the crew then takes up into the air with his smoke tail]

[Song ends; scene changing back onto Jake's crew]

Jake: Yoo-hoo! Cubby: Awesome! Izzy: Yippee! [Crew cheering with excitement]

Cubby: I want a hang-glider that can turn into a sail wagon.

Jake: I want a skateboard ramp taller than Never-Ever Peak Mountain!

Izzy: I want a music box that plays every song!

Skully: And I want a box of crackers that's never empty... [Everyone blurring out what they wanted to wish for]

Pip: Whoa. whoa! Hold onto your bandanas! [Waves his arms down sideways while backing up]

Cubby: Okay, but let's not hold on too long. I'll probably think of a kajillion more things to wish for.

Pip: Oh, no. You see, there be pirate genie-rules to treasure-wishing. The crew that sets me free and keeps a hold of me bottle gets one treasure-wish per matey. And since there be one, two, three, four of ye, four wishes is what ya get.

Cubby: Yay-hey! This is gonna be awesome! [Scene shows Captain Hook spying on the group from the bushes]

Hook: Oh, awesome, indeed! Why, my wish has already come true! [Gleefully]

Smee: What wish might that be, cap'n? [Stands up from the bushes]

Hook: That there is a genie who can grant wishes for treasure, and you know how I loves me treasure.

Sharky & Bones: Oh, that we do! [Both stand up from the bushes]

[Thunder crashes as the winds start to blow fiercely on the beach, Hook's crew shouts as they try to hold out]

Skully: Storming' crackers! Thar she blows! [Flapping hard against the wind]

Pip: Whoa! You said it, feathers! If we don't find cover soon, we'll all be blown away! [Pushing hard against the wind]

Jake: To the Hideout, crew!

[Hook's crew clinging to a palm tree, shouting as their dingy lands over on top of them. Jake, his crew and Pip goes into the Hideout's hidden entrance and it shuts close as Hook's crew lifts the dingy off of themselves]

Smee: Where'd everyone go? [looks around the beach with his crew]

[Scene changes to inside the hideout where Jake and his crew are standing on a shipwreck deck]

Pip: Hey-a! Nice place you got here, mates. [Flys around checking out the place] Looks like it has everything a pirate could ever want. [Lands on a crow's nest, changing to legs and ride the nest down its mast back to the crew]

Cubby: Yep, our hideout's pretty fun all right, but can we start making our treasure-wishes? [Rubs his hand together]

Pip: [Laughs lightly] Well, might as well try. So... treasure-wish away! [Steps up onto the nest's rail]

Izzy: I treasure-wish for a music box that'll play whatever song I wanna hear!

Pip: Uh, OK. Here it goes. [Has a nervous look on his face; jumps onto the deck] To the little lady from Never Land, your treasure-wish is my command! [Izzy holds out her hands as Pip double-claps with his own to grant the wish]

Izzy: Whoa! [A spark of smoke and light appear and materialize a frog on Izzy's hands. It croaks and hops away] I wasn't expecting that!

Pip: Let me try again. [Double-claps again but resulted in a chrous of frogs at the crew's feet, hopping away] Oh!

Jake: Hey! Izzy: Shiver me toads! Skully: What was that all about? Jake: Pip, is there something wrong? [Looking concerned]

Pip: Well, truth is, there is something wrong. You see, my treasure-wishing power is running out.

Cubby: There's gotta be a way for you to get your wishing power back.

Pip: There is! The Treasure-Wishing Well. It holds the magic that can help me restore my treasure-wishing power! I've been looking everywhere for it and Never Land is my last hope.

Izzy: Pip, do you have any clue where on Never Land the well might be?

Pip: I've got a bunch of clues. It's all in the Pirate Genie Code. [Materializes a floating scroll, showing pictures of the clues as Pip describes them] "First you must go somewhere, then find leaves that point the way to a vast giant canyon where the winds blow night and day. Then you'll end up nowhere, and ancient rocks will tell the straight and twisty path to the Treasure-Wishing Well."

Jake: Cubby, maybe you can help Pip find the Treasure-Wishing Well.

Cubby: Sure thing, Jake. [Opens up his map] Hey, check this out. [Shows layout of Never Land with key landmarks] The Pirate Genie Code says that we gotta go somewhere, right? Well, here's a place we've never been to before: the Valley of Somewhere. [Points to the landmark]

Pip: Wish-tastic!

Jake: [To the audience] Mateys, let's help Pip the Pirate Genie get his treasure-wishing power back! [Gold Doubloons float up in mid-air] Keep a lookout for gold doubloons. Whenever we solve a Pirate Problem together, they'll appear. Then we'll collect 'em and put 'em in our Team Treasure Chest.

Skully: Is everybody ready? Jake: I got my sword, and the Pirate Genie's ship-in-a-bottle. Cubby: I got my map! Izzy: And I've got my Pixie Dust! Pip: And I'm ready to get my treasure-wishing power back! [Jumps and changes into his tail] Jake: Then yo-ho, let's go find the Treasure-Wishing Well!

[Scene changes to outside of Pirate Island. Bucky sails out of its grotto with Jake, Cubby, Izzy onboard and Pip and Skully flying alongside the ship as it sails towards Never Land]

[Group singing] Yo-ho, mateys, away! There'll be treasure and adventure today, Let's go! Heave ho, here we go, Together as a team, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, And me [Song ends]

[Scene pans to the left to show Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones on their dingy, watching Bucky sail off to Never Land]

Smee: Oh! There goes that plucky Bucky, with the sea pups, oh, and the genie! [Laughs]

Hook: Follow that genie! [Orders Smee to row them to Never Land]

[Scene changes to Never Land: Jake, his crew and Pip are walking on a dirt trail]

Pip: Ah! Once I get me treasure-wishing power back, I'll be as good as new!

Cubby: Great! 'Cause I got a big treasure-wish to make!

Izzy: What would you wish for, Pip?

Pip: No one's ever asked me that before. Hmm... I know! [Takes to the air to a ship-shaped cloud] I would treasure-wish for a pirate ship big enough so that I could sail the Never Sea and go on adventures, like you mates! [Lands back on the ground] But a Pirate Genie isn't powerful enough to grant a wish for themselves. [Saddened]

Skully: Rotten berries, that's not fair!

Cubby: Heads up, mates! We've reached Somewhere: The Valley of Somewhere.

[Scene changes to inside the Valley of Somewhere]

Cubby: But it looks like a whole lot of nothing.

Pip: Hold on, Cubby. Remember, "First you must go somewhere, then find leaves that point the way."

Izzy: Well, we're somewhere, but there aren't any leaves to point the way.

Skully: Ahoy, me hearties! Look! [Flies up to the air, overlooking the valley] There are drawings of leaves on the ground that point the way out of the valley.

Jake: Way to go! We found the leaves that point the way to the Treasure-Wishing Well. And we got three gold doubloons. Let's grab 'em and go! [Grabs doubloons]

Pip: The code said, "First you must go somewhere, then find leaves that point the way to a vast, giant canyon where the winds blow night and day." [Scene changes to a vast windy canyon. The group stands over a cliff over the canyon]

Jake: Looks like this is the place, Pip, a vast giant, windy canyon!

Cubby: Whoa! It oughta be called the "Impossible-To-Get-Across Canyon!"

Skully: What's the problem? We got Pixie Dust. You guys can just fly across. [Flaps hard against wind]

Izzy: No way! The winds are too strong, even for Pixie Dust! [Pixie dust blows out of Izzy's pouch as she clutches it]

Cubby: Then how are we gonna get across?

Pip: Let me help. I've still got a trick or two up me sleeve. [Whistles and a flying pirate flag comes out of Pip's bottle] Hop on! All aboard my magic flying pirate flag! [Everyone gets on the flag]

Jake: All right!

Izzy: Cool!

Cubby: Coconuts!

Hook: Hurry, men! Catch that flag! [Hook jumps and hooks onto Pip's flag as it takes off; Hook's crew one by one jumps and grabs one another, dangling from the flag]

Jake's Crew: Captain Hook?!

Jake: What are you doing here?

Hook: To put it simply, I want that Pirate Genie to make me treasure-wishes come true! [Hook's hook rips into the flag, unraveling it] Smee: The flag, it's unraveling! [Hook's crew shouts and panics as the flag's thread becomes longer]

Jake: Hold on, Captain Hook! [Grabs the thread as Pip lands the flag on the other side of the canyon. As everyone disembarks, Jake ties the unraveled flag around a rock to anchor Hook's to the ledge]

Jake: Captain Hook, can we...?

Hook: Save your breathe, puny pirates! I'll have no help from the likes of you! [Interrupts Jake]

Cubby: Way-hey! We got across the giant, windy canyon and we got three more gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go!

[Scene changes to rocky trail]

Izzy: So where do we go next?

Pip: Now we're supposed to end up nowhere, and ancient rocks will tell the straight and twisty path to the Treasure-Wishing Well. [Points to Cubby's map]

Jake: Nowhere, huh? [Holding Pip's bottle in hand] If there was a valley of Somewhere, maybe there's a valley of Nowhere! Huh? [Pip's bottle suddenly snatched away by Hook's fishing hook]

Hook: A-ha! [Reels in Pip's bottle] The Pirate Genie's ship-in-a-bottle is mine! And you know what that means, bitty buccaneers?

Skully: That you're a cranky crook?

Hook: No. It means I, Captain Hook, am now the master of the Pirate Genie!

Izzy: Yay-hey, no way!

Hook: Step lively, Pirate Genie of mine. [Uncorks Pip's bottle] I'm looking forward to you making all me treasure-wishes come true!

Pip: [Sighs] Coming, master. [Sadly flys to the air to return inside his bottle]

Jake: You can't get away with this, Hook! [Angry]

Hook: Oh, I can and I will! [Corks up Pip's bottle]

[Scene changes to a forested trail. Hook's crew marching behind their captain] [Starts singing "Unknown song"]

Hook: Which wish will I wish for me treasure-wish? [Waving Pip's bottle]

Which wish will I wish to come true?

Emeralds and rubies to put on me hook,

Or a coat made of gold doubloons,

Will I wish to be king of the Never Sea, [Daydreams himself with a gold doubloon coat and spectre]

With a throne at the helm of me ship? [Sits down on a throne with Pip beside it]

And will I sit down and adjust me crown, [Pip fly to other side of throne, materialize a crown over Hook's hat]

Then I'll wish for another wish? [Scene returns to trail]

Which wish will I wish for me treasure-wish?

Sharky & Bones: He's got more wishes than a kettle of fishes.

Hook: Which wish will I wish to come true? Sharky & Bones: So many he's choosing, It's kind of confusing,

Hook: It's hard to choose which wish I will use,

So me wish be to wish every wish,

Me wish be to wish every wish. [Song ends]

Hook: Well now, Pirate Genie, let us get down to business. [Sets Pip's bottle down on a rock and uncorks it; Pip comes out] I have a few things on me wish list to go over with you. [Pulls out his wish list scroll]

Pip: Sorry, Captain Hook, but...

Hook: But what?

Pip: I can't make your treasure-wishes come true.

Hook: Can't... or won't?

Pip: Can't. I'm afraid me treasure-wishing magic is gone. Poof!

Hook: No wishes?! What kind of a genie are you? [Angrily annoyed]

Sharky: Not a very good one, obviously.

Pip: This is why I need to find the Treasure-Wishing Well. It's the only way to restore me power.

Hook: Treasure-Wishing Well, eh? I like the sound of that. [Grabs Pip's bottle] Lead the way, genie! I want me wishes! [Pip takes lead of Hook's crew as Hook follows behind Pip]

[Scene changes to rocky canyon trail]

Hook: Oh, Pirate Genie, are we getting any closer to this Wishing Well?

Pip: All I have is this last clue from the Pirate Genie Code: "We need to end up nowhere, and ancient rocks will tell the straight and twisty path to the Treasure-Wishing Well."

Bones: I know where we are. We're nowhere!

Hook: Why, that's the most ridiculous thing I ever... Wait! That's it! We're nowhere! We're in the Valley of Nowhere! [echoes as scene pans out to view rocky canyon]

Sharky: All I sees are is bunch of old rocks!

Bones: That's them, Sharky! Them those are the ancient rocks! [Points direction for Sharky, scene shows the ancient rocks' path]

Smee: And look, they mark a path just like the Pirate Genie said!

[Scene changes to sheltered area, looking Stonehenge-ish with a golden glowing well in the centre]

Pip: Wonder-wish! We found the Treasure-Wishing Well! [Cheerfully excited]

Well: Welcome, Pirate Genie, this is what to do: Come closer, so my wishing magic can wish-wash over you! [Pip flies over to the well, hovering over it]

Pip: That tickles! [Laughs from the well's magical waters washing over him]

Well: Return to your ship-in-the-bottle. And the next time that you're free, your magic will return and a powerful Pirate Genie you again shall be!

Pip: Aye, aye! [Changes into blue smoke to return back inside his bottle]

Jake: Pip! We're here! [Jake and his crew runs into the area]

Skully: But I think we're too late!

Hook: Oh, pity! [Corks up Pip's bottle] It seems I, not you, am helping the Pirate Genie get his treasure-wishing power back. [To Jake and his crew] Yo-ho-ho and a rub-a-dub too, come out and make me treasure-wishes come true. [Uncorks and rubs Pip's bottle, letting Pip out fully restored]

Pip: Yowza-wowza! My treasure-wishing power is back!

Jake: Come on, Pip! Let's fly away from here! [Runs up to Pip]

Pip: Sorry, Jake, but I can't. As long as Captain Hook has his hooks on me ship-in-the-bottle, I'm stuck with him! I've gotta grant him his wishes. [Saddened]

Hook: Let us not dawdle one more minute! Men, back to the Jolly Roger!

Sharky: But cap'n, walking all the way to the Never Sea will take us forever!

Hook: Oh! I wish we were on the Jolly Roger this instant! [Complains as he pockets Pip's bottle into his coat]

Pip: To the sneakiest snook in all of Never Land, your treasure-wish is my command. [Sadly then happily]

Hook: What?! No! Wait! [Runs up to Pip, trying to stop him but Pip already fulfilled the wish, transporting Hook and his crew back on the Jolly Roger] That wasn't my wish!

Smee: I'm sorry, cap'n, but the rules are one treasure-wish per matey. It's someone else's turn now.

Bones: Ooh, goody! I treasure-wish for a... [Steps forward but stop abruptly]

Hook: Bones! [Holds out his wish list to Bones] You are going to wish for me!

Pip: Treasure-wish away! [Flies up to Bones]

Bones: Pirate Genie-guy, I treasure-wish that the Jolly Roger be filled with treasure! Lots and lots of it!

Pip: Get ready! To the fellow most mellow in all of Never Land, your treasure-wish is my command! [Double-claps and materialize loads of treasure aboard the Jolly Roger]

Hook: Scuffle me boots! Treasure! And more treasure! [Swims through it] And it's all mine! [The ship however starts to sink under the treasure's weight]

Smee: Oh, my! Oh, my! We're sinking! Abandon ship! [The crew rows away on their dingy as the ship tips over, spilling all the treasure into the Never Sea, floating back up afterwards]

[Scene changes to Never Land shore. Hook's crew pushes the dingy with a sadden Captain Hook up to shore. Pip flies up to Hook.

Hook: This is all your fault, you wishy-washy wish-mongerer! [Yells angrily as Pip flinches nervously]

Pip: All I did was follow your wish, master. You wanted treasure... [Rolls his eyes away]

Hook: But I lost it all! Oof! [Leans over too far on the dingy, falling out of it] Smee: Cheer up, cap'n. Me and Sharky still have our wishes. Maybe we can help.

Hook: Of course you can! [Stands up gleefully with his wish list] Smee, go for it!

Pip: Treasure-wish away!

Smee: [Clears throat] "I treasure-wish for a chest of gold in a place well-protected from any thieving pirates, puny or otherwise."

Pip: To the finest first mate in Never Land, your treasure-wish is my command! [Double-claps and transport the crew to a watery area on top of a green mound in the middle of it]

Hook: What have you done?! [Shouts at Pip while holding a chest of gold]

Pip: I gave you exactly what you wanted: a chest of gold in a place well-protected, and what better place than Crocodile Creek!

[The green mound turns out to be Tick-Tock the Crocodile. He pops up his head, slurping and growling as he gives chase. Hook's crew runs away in terror, leaving the chest behind in the water]

[Scene changes to forested trail] Hook: Sharky, treasure-wish away!

Sharky: Ooh, this is a biggun'! I treasure-wish for... a mountain of gold!

Pip: To one of the most... [Gets interrupted by Captain Hook, nervously flinches]

Hook: And this time, no Pirate Genie tricks!

Pip: Why, of course not, master. To one of the most musical mates in Never Land, your treasure-wish is my command! [Double-claps and materialize a mountain of gold with Hook's crew on top]

Hook: Finally! A mountain of gold, all for me! Now let us get digging! [Scene pans out to show whole golden mountain. Also shows Bucky and Jake's crew sailing up a river leading to the mountain]

Izzy: That mountain of gold has to be a Captain Hook wish.

[Back on the mountain, Mr. Smee replaces Captain Hook's hook with a pickaxe. Captain Hook strikes the mountain, cracking the surface. It begins to rumble]

Hook: What in plunder? [The cracks and rumbling gets bigger]

Hook & Crew: Avalanche! [The mountain gives out as the crew slides down the mountain with boulders of gold tumbling down with them]

Hook: Blasted Pirate Genie! This is all his fault!

Sharky: But it was your treasure-wish, sir!

Bones: And you did get what you wanted! [Mr. Smee cries as he and the rest of the crew holds onto golden boulders for dear life]

Sharky & Bones: This is an emergency!

Izzy: Captain Hook, here's a little Pixie Dust for you! [Flies over with Jake and the crew and throws Pixie Dust over Hook's crew] Pixie Dust away!

Smee: Oh, dear! [The crew flies up and away from the mountain]

Izzy: All right! We saved Captain Hook and his crew, and we got six more gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go! [Grabs the doubloons]

Hook: For the record, I did not ask for your help! [Starts to wobble in mid-air]

Smee: But, speaking on behalf of the captain and crew, thank you ever so much!

Hook: Blast! [Pip flies up to him] This is not what I wished for! [Wails at Pip as he tips forward and over, causing Pip's bottle to fall out]

Pip: No! I cannot abandon me ship! [Cries out and races after his bottle. The bottle bounces down the golden mountain and stops against a golden boulder. However, the model ship inside the bottle has broke apart upon landing] Oh, no! My ship! [Sadly picks up his bottle, seeing his wrecked ship inside]

Hook: Me gold! No! [The golden mountain disappears entirely as the pixie dust on Hook's crew wears off] Where is that Pirate Genie pest? I am not through with him!

Smee: I'm afraid it's too late, sir. We've already used up all of our... I mean, your treasure-wishes.

Hook: [Sighs] Then our work here is done. To the Jolly Roger, men. [Leads his crew back to their ship]

[Scene changes aboard Bucky, with Jake, his crew and Pip. Jake holds onto Pip's bottle]

Pip: Alas, me ship, it's a shipwreck! [Close-up of Pip's wrecked ship] It may not have been much, but it was the only ship I ever had. [Saddened]

Jake: Well, we still have your bottle. [Tries to cheer Pip up]

Pip: That's great news, Jake! Now that it's back in your hands, at least I can make your treasure-wishes come true.

Skully: Then yo-ho, let's get back to Pirate Island and start treasure-wishin'!

[Scene changes to Pirate Island. Pip stands with Jake and the others on the beach]

Pip: Ready with your wishes, mateys?

Cubby: Well, I was going to wish for a hang-glider...

Izzy: I was thinking about a music box...

Skully: I was going for a box of crackers...

Jake: Hey, I've got an idea! [Whispers with his crew]

Pip: So, what be your treasure-wish? [The crew breaks]

Izzy: Well, a Pirate Genie friend of ours once told us what he'd wish for if he could make a wish.

Cubby: But since genies can't make their own wishes come true...

Jake: What if we put all of our treasure-wishes together and made a wish for you?

Pip: Why, no crew has ever given up all their wishes before. [Surprised] But, hey, it's worth a try. [twirls up into the air and changes to his smoke tail] Treasure-wish away!

Izzy: We wish for a big pirate ship for Pip the Pirate Genie so that he can sail the Never Sea.

Pip: You got it, buckos! To the best pirate crew in Never Land, your treasure-wish is my command! [Double-claps; Pip's broken ship reassembles itself and went from inside the bottle to outside on the water as a real working pirate ship] Wish-tastic! Thanks to all of you, my treasure-wish has come true! [Hugs gratefully Jake and his crew before flying aboard his new ship]

[Starts singing "What Be Your Treasure-Wish? (Reprise)]

Pip: I never met mates on the Never Sea, [Changes to legs and lands aboard]

Or anywhere else, you know, [Hops onto the ship's rim]

When I said, "Way-hey Treasure wish away"

They wished me up a ship of me own. [Picks up his old bottle, materializing his pirate hat from before]

What be your wish?

Jake, Izzy & Cubby: Your treasure-wish, [Dancing in place to the right]

Pip: What be your wish? [Ship starts to move, hangs onto a rope]

Jake, Izzy & Cubby: Your treasure-wish, [Dancing in place to the left]

Pip: Clap your hands and say, "Way-hey, Pirate Genie wish away." [Claps hands, marches to back of ship, jumps on handle-ish rear of ship]

[Song ends]

Pip: See ya sometime soon, mates! [Waves goodbye to the crew as his ship set sail]

Jake: So long, Pip!

Izzy: Goodbye!

Cubby: Anchors away!

Skully: Happy wishes!

Jake: [To the audience] Thanks for helping Pip the Pirate Genie today, mateys. Now let's put all our gold doubloons into our Team Treasure Chest.

[Song starts: "Unknown". Skully switches a shovel that brings up the crew's treasure chest up from the sand]

Way, hey Well done, crew,

Everyone knew just what to do,

Way, hey, with help from you,

It's time to count our gold doubloons. [Marches around the chest that opens up]

Jake: Come on! Count with us! [Toss their doubloons up to the air, 12 in all]

All: Yeah!

Jake: One, two, three...

Cubby: Four, five, six..

Izzy: Seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve!

Jake: Yo-ho! For solving Pirate Problems today, we got twelve gold doubloons! [Doubloons fall into chest]

Cubby: And we got to make a Pirate Genie's wish come true!

[Scene changes to the Jolly Roger. Captain Hook looks outward saddened with his crew present]

Hook: Once again, I am treasure-less.

Bones: And don't forget, treasure-wish-less. [Captain Hook turns looking annoyed]

[Suddenly a splash of water falls over Captain Hook, caused by Pip's new ship sailing by, soaking him]

Pip: [Laughs] Fair wishes to ya! [Sails away]

Hook: Blast! I wish I was far, far away from that pathetic Pirate Genie! [Turns and slips on the water puddles. Falls in the barrel of his cannon and get fired off across the sky, screaming. His crew runs to the side to watch Captain Hook flying off]

Bones: Well, what do you know? [Hears his captain crashing] The captain's wish came true!

Sharky: And so did ours! [Laughs]

[Episode ends with "Hammock Song" with credits]

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