Pirate Campout titlecard Jake: Pirate Campout!


Skully:[squawks Reveille] Rise and shine! It's pirate campout day!

Jake:All right! I can't wait to hike to Doubloon Lagoon!

Izzy:Yay-hay! And I can't wait to tell scary pirate tales around a campfire! How about you, Cubby?

Cubby: Um, do we have to sleep outside. At night? In the dark?

Jake:Don't worry, matey! We're going to stick together!

Izzy:We'll all watch out for each other!

Cubby: Coconuts, that sounds pretty good.

Jake:(To the audience) Mateys, will you come along with us on our pirate campout to Doubloon Lagoon? Great! Remember to keep a lookout for gold doubloons. Whenever we solve a pirate problem together, they'll appear. Then we'll collect 'em and put 'em in our Team Treasure Chest. Yo-ho, let's go camping!

Song: Yo Ho Mateys Away:
All: Yo ho, mateys away
All: There'll be treasure and adventure today
Skully: Let's go!
All: Heave-ho, here we go
All: Together as a team
All: Jake and the Never Land pirates...
All: And me

Cubby: This way, mateys! To find Doubloon Lagoon, we hike all the way to Snakey Tail Trail!

Jake:Yo-ho, Cubby, lead the way!

Izzy: This is going to be the best Pirate Campout ever!

Captain Hook: Doubloon Lagoon!? Imagine! A whole lagoon filled with gold doubloons! Lads! Who fancies a pirate campout?

Song: Pirate Camping We Will Go:
All: Pirate camping we will go
All: Pirate camping we will go
All: Camping with me crew What a jolly thing to do o
All: {{Note} Pirate camping we will go Pirate Campout titlecard


Cubby:Captain Hook!?

Hook:Oh, funny running into you out here. My mateys and I are off on a pirate camping trip!

Cubby: Hey, that's what we're doin'!

Jake: Say, Captain Hook, why don't you and your crew join our pirate campout?

Hook: Oh, what a delightful notion! What say ye, men? They'd love too! A thousand thank yous! Lead on, Cubby, lead on!

Cubby: Follow me, everybody. Here we are! Campout Clearing!

Izzy: Mateys, we should set up our tents before it gets dark.

Mr. Smee: OK, lads, I'll hoist the tent!


Hook: Ohh! Thundering blunderbuss!

Smee: Cap'n?

Sharky: Where'd ya go, sir?!

Bones: Hello?

Hook: Ye bumbling barnacles!- I'm in here!

[all shouting]

Jake: Mateys, abandon tent!

[Hook grunting]

Hook: Blast!

Smee: Oh, my! Both tents are in tatters!

Cubby:Aw, coconuts! How're we gonna set up tents without any... tents?!

Izzy: I've got an idea. We can build a shelter with the things around us! - Like leaves!

Jake: And bamboo!

Cubby:Yeah! And what's left of the tents!

Izzy: Yo-ho, let's go!

Jake: Yeah!


Cubby: Awesome!

Hook: Most impressive!

Bones:It's nicer than me home back home!

Izzy:(To the audience) We did it, crew! We built a shelter and we got three gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go cook up some food!

Jake: Now that we've eaten, it's time to tell scary pirate tales.


[all gulp]

Jake: Once upon a time, a pirate captain and his crew were searching for Doubloon Lagoon. Legend said the lagoon was home to a sea monster with eight arms and a hook on each one.

All: Eight hooks!?

Jake: The pirates searched and searched until they found the lagoon! They were so hungry after their long journey, they rowed out into the lagoon to fish for their supper. They dropped their lines overboard and waited.

Smee:Oh, dear me. [stammering] Go on.

Jake:Pretty soon they heard a weird scraping noise on the side of the dinghy. Scrape! Scrape! Scrape!

Sharky and Bones: Row away, pirates! Row away!

Jake:The pirates rowed away as fast as they could, until they were sure they were safe! Was it the monster? Was it after them!? And that's when they found it.

All: It?

Jake:Hanging off the back of the dinghy they found a hook!

[all screaming]

All: The monster is real!

Smee: Oh, my!

Sharky: Climb lively!

Bones:Hurry! Hurry! Ahh!

Jake:It was just a story, mateys! No reason to run up a tree!

Izzy: Yeah. Why don't you shimmy down and we'll roast some marshmallows over the campfire.

Bones: Ooh! That'll help calm down me shiverin' timbers!

Cubby:Mine too! This way, mateys! We're heading straight for Doubloon Lagoon!

Smee: [sigh] Lovely morning, eh, Cap'n? I must say I slept like a baby in the sea pups' amazing shelter!

Hook: I didn't sleep a blink! I couldn't stop thinking about all the gold awaiting me at Doubloon Lagoon! And now the puny pirates are leading me right to it!

Cubby: Yo-ho, everybody, at this fork in the trail, be sure you stay to the left. The path to the right is...

Hook:Out of me way! Me first. Ahh!

Cubby:Snail-Slime Trail. Ew.

Hook: [grunting]

Smee: Captain ho! Quick, lads, use this fishing net to catch him! Careful, boys, careful!

[Hook shouting]

Hook: Oh! [groaning] So Cubby, you say, stay left?

Cubby: Yep. The left path leads straight into Doubloon Lagoon!

Hook:Oh, you don't say? Ah-ha!

All: Yay-hey no way!

Hook: Now I shall be the first to Doubloon Lagoon and all that gold!

Izzy:Gold? What gold?

[Hook screams]


Cubby:Sounds like Captain Hook's in trouble again.

Jake:Hang tight, mateys! I've got my sword!

Izzy, Cubby and Skully: Yo-ho, way to go, Jake!

[Hook grunting]

Cubby: Whoa! Doubloon Lagoon! We found it!

Izzy: From up here, it looks just like a real doubloon!

Jake: A real big one!

Cubby:(To the audience) And for findin' Doubloon Lagoon, we got three more gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go...

Hook:Ahoy?! Smee! Sharky! Bones! Throw me a vine or something!

[all gasping, stammering]

Hook:What are you babbling about...?

Purple Octopus:[burbles]

Hook: The monster! Save me!

Purple Octopus:[burbles]


Jake:Yo-ho, what do you know! It's our old friend the Octopus!

Izzy: [laughs] He's trying to play with Captain Hook.

Cubby:But I don't think Hook knows it.

Izzy:For Captain Hook, this is an emergency. Pixie dust, away!

Smee: Hurray!

Sharky: Go popinjays!

Bones:Save the Cap'n!

Hook:[groans] It's got me! It's got me! Help!

Cubby: Ahoy, Captain Hook!

Hook:You! You saved me from the monster!

Jake:He's no monster! He's our friend!

Purple Octopus:[burbles]

Hook:Bah! No gold! Creatures from the deep! Sleeping on the ground! This has been the very worst pirate campout imaginable! Onward, ye landlubbers! Back to the Jolly Roger!

Jake:(To the audience) Yo-ho, mateys. We found Doubloon Lagoon and saved Hook from a "creature from the deep". [laughs] And we got three more gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go back to Pirate Island!

Cubby:So long, Octopus! See ya around!

Purple Octopus:[burbles]

Jake:(To the audience) Yo-ho, way to go, mateys! Thanks for joining our fun Pirate Campout! Now let's put all our gold doubloons into our Team Treasure Chest.

Song: Team Treasure Chest song:
Way-hey, well done, crew
Everyone knew just what to do
Way-hey, with help from you
It's time to count our gold doubloons

Jake:Come on, count with us!

All: Yeah!

Izzy: One, two, three...

Cubby: Four, five, six...

Jake: Seven, eight, nine! Yo-ho! For solving pirate problems today, we got nine gold doubloons!

Cubby:Hey, mateys, let's keep this pirate campout goin'!

Jake: Awesome pirate plan, Cubby!

Cubby:Thanks! I've even got a scary pirate tale to tell. It's called Hook and the Haunted Coconut! Once upon a time there was a coconut that flew in the night, hooting like an owl. "Hoooo! Who likes coco-nuts? Captain Hooook?"

All: [laughing]

Smee: Ah, back at last, Cap'n! Home sweet ship!

Hook: Yes, thank Neptune that pirate campout is over! And that the sea monster wasn't real!

Smee:[stammering] Cap'n, the monster that wasn't real, really was real!

[all shouting]

Hook:Get back here, you silly insubordinate swabs... Gah! Wait for me!

End Credits - Standalone Broadcast

Song: Walkin' the Plank: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

I sent out me invitations

Can't wait 'cause today is the day

You don't need a reservation

There's no need to stow away

Jump ship The crew is hoppin'

Every matey going overboard

Gang way, the beat is droppin'

Bounce, bounce on the springy board


Now we're jumpin' in the drink

It's pool party in Pirate Town

Drop in and have a swim

Come on, matey water's fine

Walking the plank

Going over the rail

Walking the plank

Prepare to freefall.

Walking the plank

Don't tell no tales

Walking the plank


Walking the plank

Going over the rail

Walking the plank


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