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Pirate's Plunge
Background Information
First appearance "Rock the Croc!"
Latest appearance "The Never Sands of Time"
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Peter Pan ,Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones, Marina, Stormy, Brightly the Firefly
Final state Still standing
If it's hot on Pirate Island Beach, then Pirate's Plunge is the place to reach

Pirate's Plunge is a massive waterfall-like water park hidden deep within Never Land. Pirate's Plunge is one of Peter Pan's favorite spots on the island to cool off.



Sometime before the course of the series Peter uncovered Pirate's Plunge as his own pirate oasis to beat the heat on scorching hot days on Never Land. As revealed in the episode "Rock the Croc!" Captain Hook soon learned of Peter's oasis and was determined to find it. But no matter how hard Hook tried to find Pirate's Plunge he was never able to find where it was hidden through his many years on the island. This fueled the greedy captain's desires to claim the location for himself when he overhears Jake and his crew heading to Pirate's Plunge to cool off as he tried to steal there map. It was later revealed in the episode "Captain Hook's Lagoon" Mr. Smee soon learned of Pirate's Plunge location.

Role in the series

Pirate's Plunge first appeared in the episode "Rock the Croc!". Jake and his crew receive a map and message in a bottle from Peter Pan showing them the way to Pirate's Plunge where they can cool off. Captain Hook wants the map for himself, and he tries to take it from Jake when they lose it. The bottle lands in Tick-Tock the Crocodile's mouth, and he swallows it. The episode revolves around Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Hook and Smee trying to get it back. Finally Jake and his crew decide to make the crocodile laugh out the map, Cubby tries telling Tick-Tock jokes but he was not amused and Jake tries singing a silly song but nothing seems to work. Captain Hook tries his hand to make the croc laugh masquerade as a clown but Tick-Tock merely rolled his eyes before trying to get back to sleep enraging Captain Hook who orders Smee to fetch his crocodile net but Jake powered by Izzy's pixie dust intervened snatching the net from Hook prompting the captain to give chase only to become in tangled within the net Smee tried frantically to free his captain but he knocks Hook on to a log only for Tick-Tock to slam his tail onto the catapulting Hook with into a palm tree. Tick-Tock found the captain's humiliation was so amusing he laughs out the map allowing Jake and his crew to enjoy Pirate's Plunge before returning to Pirate Island and place the gold doubloons they gathered in their adventure into the Team Treasure Chest.

Pirate's Plunge returns in the episode "Captain Hook's Lagoon". After being beaten by Jake and his crew time and time again, Captain Hook was feeling down but Mr. Smee came up with the idea for Hook to relax at Pirate's Plunge to take his mind off the sea pups. Smee's plan seemed to work at first until Hook sees Jake and his friends swimming in Pirate's Plunge. He creates his own lagoon by draining all the water from the Pirate's Plunge. Jake and his crew soon discover Hook's plot and restored the water from Hook's Lagoon back to Pirate's Plunge once more.

Pirate's Plunge reappears in the episode "The Never Sands of Time", Jake and his crew pay the plunge a visit with Marina, Stormy and Brightly the Firefly when they notice night and day are mixed up. Marina informs her pirate friends someone is messing with the legendary Never Sands of Time. Pirate's Plunge reappears near the end of the episode as Marina and Stormy celebrate Jake and his crew fixing the Never Sands of Time.

Printed material

Pirate's Plunge is featured in the storybook X Marks the Croc loosely based on the episode "Rock the Croc."Jake and his crew are traversing through Never Land to reach Pirate's Plunge.Captain Hook attempts to steal Peter Pan's map-in-a-bottle, from Jake,however during the struggle the bottle is flung into the air and lands in the open jaws of Tick-Tock Croc.Jake and his crew have to shake things up a bit as they try to get the Croc to laugh, sneeze, and even burp up the bottle.


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