Pile-o-Bones Mountain
Pile-O-Bones Mountain
Background Information
First appearance "Hooked Together!"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Mr. Smee,Captain Hook
Final state Still standing

Pile-O-Bones Mountain is a large mountain located on Never Land. Pile-O-Bones Mountain is known for its various rock formation shaped like skulls and bones.

Role in the series

Pile-O-Bones Mountain first appeared in the episode "Hooked Together!", after Captain Hook accidentally gets himself and Jake shackled together on a pair of rusty old shackles force both pirates to work together to find the legendary Never Key to set them free. Pile-O-Bones Mountain was the second stop on their way to the key. The only way through the mountain was crawling into Skull tunnel, Captain Hook demand to go first but the only way both Jake and Hook to get through the tunnels is to work together as Jake had to crawl backwards due to Hook's strange condition of getting seasick crawling backwards. Once through the other side of the tunnel Mr. Smee become stuck within the tunnel, Jake, Hook and the others pirates quickly come to Smee's aid but as they free Hook's first mate from the tunnel caused a few of Pile-O-Bones Mountain rocks to come lose releasing a large skull shape boulder rolling after the pirates but the fortunately they manage to evade the boulder which crumbles after colliding with a large key shape tower where the Never Key resides.


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