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Peter Pan is a recurring character from the Disney Junior animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is a young boy who lives on the island of Never Land. He has a fairy best friend and sidekick named Tinker Bell and is the current leader of the Lost Boys (who do not appear in the series). He spends most days going on adventures and battling the notorious Captain Hook. He is voiced by Adam Wylie.



Peter is a young boy who lived on the island of Never Land, in which no one grew up. One night Peter was visiting the Darling household to listen to Wendy's stories, the Darling's dog, Nana barked at the intruders and while Peter escaped, his shadow was captured. That night, Wendy discovered the shadow and stored it in her draw to prevent it from getting into trouble. The next night, Peter and Tinker Bell returned to retrieve it. When they found it, they accidentally wake up Wendy, John and Michael in the process while he is chasing it. After Wendy sews it back on, they begin to talk, during which time Wendy reveals she does not want to grow up. Peter then decides to take Wendy and her brothers to Never Land so she will never have to grow up. Once they arrive, they are attacked by Captain Hook, who assaults them with his cannon. While he distracts the pirates, Peter orders Tinker Bell to take the Darlings to safety, only to find that Tinker Bell had attempted to get rid of Wendy. Peter swoops in just in time to save Wendy, and after chastising the boys, learns that Tinker Bell was the mastermind and they had been tricked. Peter angrily tells Tink she is banished permanently, though Wendy pleads him not to be that harsh. He tells her she can come back within a week, but Tink is already gone, still believing she can never return to Peter's side. After this, Peter takes Wendy to see the mermaids of Mermaid Lagoon. While there, they spy Captain Hook and his right-hand man, Mr. Smee, with the Indian princess Tiger Lily as a captive, rowing toward Skull Rock, where they plan to interrogate her.

Peter and Wendy investigate and find that Hook is planning to learn the location of Peter's hideout. Peter then fakes Hook's voice toward Smee to convince him to free the Princess, and Peter is able to rescue Tiger Lily. Although Smee proves to be gullible, Hook catches Peter and they begin a bout of swordplay. Ultimately, Peter's ability to fly gives him the upper hand, and he escapes with Tiger Lily and Wendy. Peter then returns home with the Darlings. Peter realizes Wendy is ready to return home. Peter warns them once they grow up, they can never return. Peter really does not worry knowing they will return eventually. Unbeknownst to Peter, however, his friends are actually kidnapped by Captain Hook and his crew the moment they exit Hangman's Tree.

Peter is then a victim of Hook's newest scheme: Hook plants a bomb in Peter's home while he and Tinker Bell are inside it. While Peter has truly survived and unharmed, Tinker Bell is fatally injured and Hangman's Tree has been destroyed. While she tells Peter that Hook has Wendy and the boys and that he needs to save them, he refuses to leave her and begs her to stay alive, saying that he loves her more than anything. Together, Peter and Tinker Bell fly over to the Jolly Roger to battle the pirates. After the pirates are done with, Peter takes on Hook alone atop the ship. As Hook is about to strike Peter in the back while he is off guard, Wendy quickly warns him, Peter flies out of the way and leaving Hook to plummet into the Never Sea where he is chased away by the crocodile. Michael, John, Tinker Bell, and Wendy all celebrate Pan's victory. Peter commands Tink to cover the ship in pixie dust so that he may drop Wendy and her brothers off home to London.

Sometime after the events of the original film, Peter has decided to explore the wonders of the world beyond the Never Sea and left Jake and his crew to keep Captain Hook at bay.


Peter Pan acts childish and witty, which coincides with his desire to stay in Never Land and never grow up. He often performs very childish actions with wit for a good purpose, though, He is respected and loved by nearly every inhabitant of Never Land-with the exception of Captain Hook and his crew. Hook despises Peter for cutting off his hand and feeding it to Tick-Tock the Crocodile during their first battle. Ever since, Peter and Hook have been toe-to-toe, constantly battling in the hope that one would finally "walk the plank". In addition, Peter Pan does also have the ability to be serious, such as when he argues with and battles Captain Hook or comforts Jake and his crew. He is also loyal, as shown when he returns to help Jake, Izzy, and Cubby fight Hook and free Bucky.

Physical appearance[]

Because he lives in Never Land, Peter Pan never ages, and always has the appearance of a boy. He has fair skin, rosy cheeks, thick red eyebrows, brown eyes, short red hair, and pointy elf-like ears. His outfit resembles an elf's attire, consisting of a green short-sleeved tunic with a collar and a long V-cut neckline down to his chest, olive tights, and sienna-colored moccasin shoes. He wears a Robin Hood-like hat (called a bycocket) with a red feather situated on the left-hand side, and had a brown belt around his waist which usually holds his dagger.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Flight: Peter Pan's most unique trait is his ability to fly without any physical methods, he uses this to gain the advantage on those who cannot.
  • Eternal Youth: Peter Pan cannot age due to living in Never Land, in which he claims nobody can grow up.
  • Impersonations: Peter Pan has an uncanny talent for impersonating others' voices, as he does when he imitates Hook and tries to trick Mr. Smee, Sharky and Bones into walking backwards. Later he imitates Smee to lure out Hook, and in both cases, Hook and his crew are fooled.
  • Dagger-Fighting Skill: Peter Pan is very skilled with his trusty dagger, able to wield it with such skill he can fight a master swordsman, like his nemesis Captain Hook, and hold his own. Pan's dagger first appeared in series in the episode "Pirate Fools Day!" where it was reveled that it is called the Shadow Dagger and has magical properties as it was the only thing able to damage Shade the Shadow Pirate's Shadow Bag.

Roles in the series[]

While Peter did not make an appearance until season one finale, Peter has been mentioned several times by Jake, his crew and even Captain Hook. Some of the episodes revolve around a message sent to Jake by Peter to complete a task. In the episode "The Key to Skull Rock ", Jake and his crew receive a message from Peter and a skeleton key to hidden room on Skull Rock. After thwarting Captain Hook's attempts to take the skeleton key the young pirates discover an observatory inside Skull Rock. When Jake and his crew look through the huge telescope they see a star formation in Peter's likeness within the night sky. Peter is mentioned one last time as the end of the episode as Jake and look out one last time to the star formation of Peter Pan thanking him for today's adventure.

In the episode "The Never Bloom!", Peter sends Jake and his crew a note about a rare flower that only blooms once every hundred years called the Never Bloom. The whereabouts of the Never Bloom is uncharted and Cubby's map won't be good on located it so Peter gives the young pirates a magical compass to locate the flower.

In the episode "The Emerald Coconut", Jake and his crew receive a message from Peter Pan about a legendary treasure the Emerald Coconut hidden deep within Never Land so Cubby can take a photo for his coconut collection. To assure that the Emerald Coconut can stay safe and all of the inhabitants of the island can enjoy it Pan has left various pirate booby-traps to keep it safe from Captain Hook. Overhearing Peter went to great length to prevent the Emerald Coconut from falling into his clutches fueled Captain Hook desire for the treasure even more.

In the episode "Rock the Croc!", it was a scorching hot day on Pirate Island, and the heat was taking its toll on Izzy, Cubby and Skully. Suddenly, Jake spots a message in a bottle washing on to the beach, it was from Peter Pan leading to Pan's private oasis Pirate's Plunge hidden on Never Land. Peter is briefly mentioned when Captain Hook overhears Jake and his mateys heading to Pirate's Plunge, Hook knew of Pan's private paradise to beat the heat but he was never able to find it through his various searches on Never Land.

In the episode "The Elephant Surprise!", while Jake and his crew are playing volleyball, Cubby discovers a large wooden elephant on the beach. While thinking which of their Never Land friends may have given them the elephant Jake mentions Peter Pan, but in reality, it was Captain Hook and Mr. Smee hiding inside the wooden elephant in order to gain access inside the young pirate's hideout and steal their treasure from the treasure room.

In the episode "Jake's Jungle Groove", Jake and his crew plan on having a dance party with Marina and her mermaid friends on Pirate Island beach, however, Jake doesn't know how to dance. Izzy and Cubby try showing Jake how to dance by moving to the beat of Peter Pan's Bongos that Cubby playing. Meanwhile on the Jolly Roger Captain Hook finds himself unable to control himself from dancing to the beat of the bongos, and he wants to take them away to stop himself and Jake's crew from dancing. Unfortunately, a mischievous monkey steals the bongos from Hook and flees into the Never Land Jungle with Hook in pursuit. Peter is mentioned once more by Izzy recalling that the bongos magical and will help you keep the beat, but silly pirates won't ever stop their feet.

While Peter doesn't make an appearance in the Halloween episode "Trick or Treasure!" ,Jake is dressed as him for the entire episode. In the episode "It's a Winter Never Land!", it is Winter Treasure Day, and Jake and his crew were excited to give and open presents from Peter Pan with their friends in Never Land. However, Captain Hook and his band of sneaky pirates make off with the presents and the Forever Green Tree. At the end of the episode as Jake and friends alongside Hook and his crew enjoy the holiday together, a snowflake in the form Peter Pan can be spotted and later his laugh could be heard implying Peter was watching from off-screen.

Peter is mentioned in the episode "The Sword and the Stone". The episode reveals that sometime before the events of the series, Peter Pan carved Jake's Forever Sword using the wood from the Forever Tree, an old, massive magical tree that is hidden in Never Land. When Peter decided to explore the world outside of Never Land, he bestowed the sword on to Jake so the young pirate could be a good leader.Peter is briefly mentioned again at the end of the episode when Captain Hook and Smee uncover the Sword and the Stone hidden deep within the Never Land Jungle.

Peter makes his first appearance in the special episode "Peter Pan Returns". Peter returns to Never Land to recruit Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully to find his shadow. Without his shadow, Peter is unable to fly causing more problems for the heroes and giving a plus to the revenge-seeking Captain Hook. Eventually, Peter and the shadow are rejoined and leave Never Land once again to explore new parts of the world. However, Peter promises that he will be back soon.

Peter makes a brief reappearance in the episode "Peter's Musical Pipes" he flies to Pirate Island, leaving behind his musical pipes and a message before Jake and his crew woke up Peter flies away. Jake and his crew woke to discover that Peter's pipes and read the message about a hidden treasure on Never Land and the musical pipes will reveal the musical treasure when the tune from the pipes is played.

Peter is briefly mentioned in the episode "Race-Around Rock!" Jake, Izzy and Cubby have all made sail wagons for a big race to Race-Around Rock. Captain Hook becomes interested in the race, and so he and his mateys make their own hook wagon from an old shipwreck.Race-Around Rock is said to be one of Peter Pan's favorite places on Never Land.

Peter is briefly mentioned in the episode "Pirate Putt-Putt", while Jake and his crew are going through their treasure room when they discover a map leading to a Pirate Putt-Putt Course that Peter Pan built for them hidden on Never Land.

Peter returns once again in the episode special "Jake Saves Bucky", when the pirates lose their ship to Captain Hook in a race against the Jolly Roger. Jake and the crew call Peter for help, and the flying boy is able to learn that Jake and his crew can win Bucky back if they battle a mighty fire breathing dragon and retrieve the legendary golden bell. The heroes do so, Bucky is saved, and Peter leaves once again to explore the world.

While Peter doesn't make an appearance in the episode "Tricks, Treats and Treasure!", he is mentioned in the episode,its Halloween night in Never Land Jake and his crew can't wait to follow their "Trick-or-Treasure" Map sent to them by Peter Pan of the best places in Never Land to go Trick or Treating, unknown to Jake and his crew Captain Hook and Mr. Smee also received "Trick-or-Treasure" map from Pan Hook plans to steal all the treats for himself.

While Peter doesn't make an appearance in the episode "Jake and the Beanstalk", he is mentioned by Jake after discovering some magic beans and a message from him in his coat pocket sent from Peter Pan. Peter message reveals that the magic beans will grow into beanstalk leading to an island in the clouds that will last until sundown. Jake and his crew then climb the beanstalk to discover the wonder of Cloud Island. It was later revealed that Peter wanted the young pirates to see a Golden Crocodile and her golden eggs.

Peter reappears once again in the episode special "Jake's Never Land Rescue", under the disguise of the mysterious figure known as "the Guardian", who arrives to explain that only the pirate who truly believes in himself can save Never Land from vanishing completely, Jake must break off from the rest of his crew and go alone on a mission to save the Forever Tree, the source of magic throughout all of Never Land.

Peter is briefly mentioned in the episode "Jake's Mega-Mecha Sword", while preparing for the Belch Mountain Parkour Race Jake uncover the Mega-Mecha Sword within the brush of the Never Land Jungle. Marveling at his newly acquired mechanize blades various features Jake begins to neglect his old sword that Peter Pan bestowed upon him.

Peter is briefly mentioned in the episode "The Singing Stones", while sailing the open Never Sea Jake and his crew overhear singing coming from a near by island were they meet the singing stones family. The singing stones desperately need to return to their home on Singing Stone Island before Peter Pan's comet arrives or they will never end their curse.

Peter reappears in the episode special, "Battle for the Book", where a storybook containing the memories Wendy, Michael, and John share of Never Land is stolen by a destructive Hook. As a result, the Darling children slowly begin to lose their memories of Peter and Never Land, prompting the former to recruit Jake and his crew on a mission to recover the book before it's too late.

Peter reappears in the episode "Jake's Awesome Surprise", he attends Jake's birthday celebration with Tinker Bell and the rest of the pirate teams' Never Land friends. He gives Jake fifteen birthday-themed gold doubloons as a present.

While Peter doesn't make an appearance in the episode special "The Great Never Sea Conquest". He is mentioned by Cubby as he reminds Jake, Izzy and Skully that the magical compass Peter gave them will help them locate Captain Colossus sunken battleship the Mighty Colossus.

Peter and Tinker Bell both reappear in the episode "Peter Pan's 100 Treasures!", where has Captain Jake and the other Never Land captains compete in a scavenger hunt.

Peter and his shadow both reappear in the episode "Pirate Fools Day!". Peter tries to calm his mischievous shadow who manages to slip away by warping Pan within a hammock inside Hangman's Tree. Peter later reappears in the episode coming to Jake and his crews aid defending his shadow from the wicked shadow pirate Shade. Pan last appearance in the episode as he greets Hook and his crew on the Jolly Roger and points out the Tick-Tock Croc on deck. Hook refuses to be trick by Pan, believing it to be the cardboard cutout croc Sharky and Bones used on there prank on him earlier in the episode. Hook attempts to toss it overboard until he realizes it's the real crocodile and is chased across the deck of the ship. Smee, Sharky, and Bones wish Peter a happy Pirate Fools Day from the safety of the ship's mass before Pan leaves.

While Peter doesn't make an appearance in the episode special "The Legion of Pirate Villains" he is mentioned by ShiverJack as he and the other villains mock Captain Hook for constantly being bested by Pan.

Peter reappears in the series finale "Captain Hook's Last Stand!", Jake and his crew accompanied by the Darling siblings prepare to greet Peter and Tinker Bell who have returned from their travels to the Lands beyond the Never Sea. Peter shows the various treasures from his travels and warns his friends of the danger of one, the Doom Stone that has the power to turn anyone into stone and gradually turn its user evil and into stone. Peter hides the Doom Stone within Hangman's Tree but Captain Hook overhears and manages to steal the Doom Stone turning Peter Pan to stone, Captain Jake and his crew get help from Wendy, John and Michael to find the magic items needed to rescue their petrified friend by hiding him within Tiki Forest. After collecting the various magical objects Peter still remained stone it wasn't until he received a kiss from Wendy to break the spell.


Jake's Buccaneer Blast[]

Peter Pan-The Never Land Pirate Pieces of Eight04

Peter Pan in Jake's Buccaneer Blast

Peter first appeared in the episode "The Never Land Pirate Pieces of Eight", Jake and his crew need to find the final piece of eight. The Pirate Piece of Forever Tree, however, Captain Hook manage to get through the magical stone door and discovered the Pirate Piece before Jake and his crew. Hook quickly flees into the jungle with Jake and his mateys in hot pursuit, unknown to Jake and the other it was merely a trap so Hook can imprison them and take all of the young pirate's pieces and claim the Buccaneer Blast of treasure for himself on top of Buccaneer Mountain. Jake and the crew call Peter for help, and the flying boy is able to free Jake and his crew from the cage. Peter accompanies Jake and his crew when they confront Captain Hook. Hook grew tired of Pan's meddling and constructs a giant Dublo version of himself using the combined powers of all the magical Pirate Pieces of Eight he stole to destroy Pan, Jake, and his crew once and for all, but this is short-lived as both Peter and Jake manage to defeat the giant Dublo Hook and reclaim all the Pirate Pieces of Eight with Izzy's pixie dust. With Hook defeated, Peter alongside Jake and the others reach the top of Buccaneer Mountain.

Printed material[]

Peter has made a few appearances in books based upon the specials like Jake Saves Bucky and Battle for the Book. Peter is briefly mentioned in the storybook adaptation of The Key to Skull Rock. After receiving a note from Peter Pan, Jake and his crew set off for a treasure hunt to Skull Rock.

Video games[]

Peter-Shadow Shenanigans

Peter in "Shadow Shenanigans"

Peter has made a few appearances in the games based upon the series. While Peter doesn't appear in the Disney Junior online game "Jake's Treasure Hunt" he is briefly mentioned when Jake and his crew return to Pirate Island with the treasure. They receive a message from Peter Pan congratulating the young pirate team for beating Captain Hook to the treasure.

In the online game Disney Junior App "Jake's Treasure Trek ", Peter sends Jake and his crew of pirates on an epic quest to save Never Land from the darkness. Jake most race through Jungle Run Isle, Dry Dock Rock, and Lava Tiki Island in order to find Tinker Bell's magical lantern before the sneaky Captain Hook.

In the online game "Shadow Shenanigans", Peter tells the player the tale when his shadow escapes and causes all kind of mischief aboard the Jolly Roger. Peter also gives players various instructions in controlling his shadow in both tormenting and evading being discovered by Hook and his crew.

In the online game "Jake's Lost Story Quest.",Peter makes a minor appearance asking Tinker Bell to guide Jake and his crew to London while he battles a vicious sea beast. Peter is featured in a few pages of the book the player collects.

Groupshot - Jake's Heroic Race - Jake's

Peter with Jake and his crew at the end of "Jake's Heroic Race"

In the online game "Jake's Heroic Race" Peter and Jake are both playable during the final phase, distracting the dragon from the Island of Bell and at the end of the game congratulating the player.

Peter reappears in the Disney Junior online game "Jake's Never Land Rescue Game."Under the disguise of the mysterious figure known as "The Guardian", he gives Jake's the task of saving Never Land from disappearing. At the end of the game when Jake and his crew return to Mount Destiny with Never Land saved The Guardian reveals himself to be Peter all along.

Theme parks and other live appearances[]

Peter-Pirate and Princess Adventure01

Peter as he appears in Disney Junior Live-Pirate & Princess Adventure Tour

Disney Junior Live-Pirate & Princess Adventure Tour[]

Peter makes an appearance in the live musical stage show. With Jake locked away in the Jolly Roger's crow nest Izzy, Cubby and Skully attempt to rescue him. But Jake informed his mateys Izzy's pixie dust alone won't be able to set him free from the locked cadge. Izzy suggests they summon Peter Pan using her lantern but she also needed a light source bright enough for Peter to see it. Izzy knew Tinker Bell light was bright enough with the assistance of the audience clapping Tink arrives. The young pirates explain the problem to Tinker Bell who agreed to help by acting as a signal beacon. Lastly, with the assistance, the crowing Peter soars in to help free Jake allowing him to return Cubby's map.

Jake thanks Peter for freeing him but this is short-lived once Smee checks up on Captain Hook who finally awakens from an unexpected nap earlier. Peter and Hook commence in a sword fight, during the battle Peter also summon his shadow to assist take on Hook. While his shadow kept Hook distracted Peter was able to subdue Hook with a net allowing Jake and his crew to flee back to Bucky before leaving.


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Episode Appearances[]


Peter Pan-Peter Pan returns

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  • In the episode "Rock the Croc!", it is revealed that Pirate's Plunge is one of Peter's favorite spots on Never Land.
  • Peter is noticeably the first character to take part in Jake and his crew's Team Treasure Chest Song, later followed by Captain Gizmo.
  • In the episode specials "Peter Pan Returns" and Jake Saves Bucky", Peter was able to produce pixie dust without the assist of Tinker Bell, who did not appear until the special "Jake's Never Land Rescue".
  • In Never Land, people never grow up. It is never confirmed how long Peter has been on the island or his actual age. It could be possible that Peter is chronologically hundreds or thousands of years old.
  • J. M. Barrie had two inspirations for Peter Pan's name. The first is the mischievous Greek God, Pan. Peter's other namesake was Peter Llewelyn-Davies, who was one of the sons of his friend Sylvia Llewelyn-Davies. Peter and his brothers were the basis for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.
  • Peter Pan has noticeable appeared three times outside of an episode special. The first being "Jake's Awesome Surprise", the second in "Peter Pan's 100 Treasures!" and the third in "Pirate Fools Day!".

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