Peaceful Valley-No Returns!
Peaceful Valley
Background Information
First appearance No Returns!
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Inhabitants Snoozy Bees
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee,
Final state Still standing
Peaceful Valley, where the Snoozy Bees live.

Peaceful Valley is a location in Never Land and home to the Snoozy Bees. The soothing sound of the bees buzzing is said to lull anyone who hears it to sleep.

Role in the series

Peaceful Valley first appeared in the episode "No Returns!", Jake and his crew find a boomerang washed up on shore on Pirate Island. They start playing with it until Jake tosses it and it doesn't come back to him. The crew finds that Captain Hook had stolen it from them. While on Never Land Hook finds the boomerang not very amusing as it constantly harms him as it returns to him.Meanwhile Jake and his crew arrive on the island in search of Hook, hoping to reclaim the boomerang following Hook's footprints deeper into the Never Land Jungle. Unknown to Jake at the time Captain Hook soon grows tired of the boomerang constantly harming him as it returns, Mr. Smee suggest returning to the sea pups, which Hook reluctantly agrees to assure he'll never see that boomerang again. While searching for Hook Jake and his crew enter Peaceful Valley and find themselves feeling drowsy do to the peaceful buzzing of the Snoozy Bees at work. Jake suggests they cover their ears so they won't hear the buzzing bees, which allowed them to safely pass through the valley and the search for the boomerang. Soon Captain Hook and Mr. Smee enter Peaceful Valley and were quickly lulled to sleep to the buzzing bees. However one of the Snoozy Bees lands on Hook's nose waking him from his slumber but in the process provokes the rest of the swarm to chase Hook and Smee out the valley right to Jake and his crew.

Peaceful Valley is briefly mentioned in the episode "Where's Mama Hook?" while coming aboard the Jolly Roger Mama Hook accidentally drops her Jasmin tea leaves overboard much to the disappointment of Smee,Sharky and Bones. Mama Hook reassured the crew that she knew of the perfect place to retrieve some more Jasmin tea leaves on Never Land and goes on an adventure to Peaceful Valley however Mr. Smee accidentally gives her a map to Deep Dark Valley, one of the scariest places in Never Land.


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