Pea Pod Pass
Pea Pod Pass
Background Information
First appearance "Jake's Jungle Groove"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors The Monkey,Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully
Final state Still standing
Oh, dear! Pea Pod Pass. One false move and huge peas will rain down on our head!
―Mr. Smee

Pea Pod Pass is a location within the Never Land Jungle. The various pea pod plants that grow within this section of Never Land have grown into massive scale. Those who venture through Pea Pod Pass most be wary not to touch the plants or risk being crush by the massive peas.

Role in the series

Pea Pod Pass first appeared in the episode "Jake's Jungle Groove", after Captain Hook attempts to steal Cubby's bongos, and put an end to all that noise and stop himself from dancing in the process. Unfortunately, a mischievous monkey steals the bongos from Hook and wouldn't stop playing them, forcing Hook to chase after the monkey. Hook and Mr. Smee soon find themselves within Pea Pod Pass. Smee tries to warn Hook of the danger of the giant Pea Pod plants but the captain was sure he could make it pass without disturbing them. This is short-lived as the monkey begins playing the magical bongos once more forcing Hook to dance and disturb the pea pod plants causing the giant peas to rain upon him and Mr. Smee. Jake and his crew soon arrive at Pea Pod Pass and knew the safest way through the pass is to use the Skullenbones Stomp dance steps to get pass the giant pea pod plants.

Printed material

Pea Pod Pass' only appearance in printed media is the storybook Jake Hatches a Plan loosely based on the episode "The Golden Egg". Jake and his crew agree to assist a pair Never Land hummingbirds find there missing egg. Using his map Cubby finds out Captain Hook and Mr. Smee most go Pea Pod Pass to return to the beach. When Jake and his crew reach Pea Pod Pass they find Hook and Smee have disturbed the giant pea plants as giant peas scatter across the ground causing the villainous duo to lose both there footing and the golden egg to the chaos. Allowing Jake and his crew to recover the egg and return it to its nest.


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