The Ogre Princess is a minor character featured in the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. She is voiced by April Winchell.


The Ogre Princess is very sweet and kind. She adores proper manners and being polite. She guards the entrance to Tiara Tunnel. None may pass unless they demonstrate a proper greeting fitting of a princess. She is also a tad sensitive about her appearance as displayed once Captain Hook and his crew reach Tiara Tunnel.

Role in the series

The Ogre Princess first appeared in the episode "Princess Power!" While on the search for the princess treasure, Jake and his crew accompanied by the Pirate Princess and princess Winger encounter the Ogre Princess. Skully whispers to his comrades that the ogre isn't like any princess he had seen before, but the Pirate Princess reminds Skully that there is more to being a princess than her physical appearance, and states the Ogre Princess displays that within. As previously mentioned, the Ogre Princess will only allow those to pass Tiara Tunnel if they display good manners, which wasn't too much a trial for the young pirates. But once inside the tunnel, the young pirates find themselves puzzled as to how to pass the giant spinning tiaras. Luckily, the Ogre Princess also deactivates the spinning hazard, and sees the young pirates off through the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile, Captain Hook and his crew disguised as princesses were also after the princess's treasure, finally arriving at Tiara Tunnel where they are briefly delayed by the Ogre Princess. Hook couldn't see past the ogre's appearance to even hear the Ogre Princess's rules to gain passage through the tunnel, much to the Ogre Princess's annoyances, and her anger sends Hook and his crew fleeing through the Tiara Tunnel.

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