North Wind Snow Flake-Captain Frost
North Wind Snowflake
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Other Names
User Captain Hook, Captain Frost
Purpose To prevent Captain Frost's ship The Winter Hawk from melting.
Location The Never North
Final State Return to Captain Frost
North Wind Snowflake is a magical gem that can blast a stream of enchanted ice that won't melt. The North Wind Snowflake belongs to Captain Frost he uses to prevent his ship of ice The Winter Hawk from melting.

Roles in the series

The North Wind Snowflake first appeared in the episode "Captain Frost", Jake and his crew were soon greeted by a new visitor on Pirate Island. He informs the young pirates he a pirate from the frozen Never North, Captain Frost, he desperately needs help locating North Wind Snowflake which magical ice can prevent his from melting. At Mermaid Lagoon Captain Hook armed with the magical North Wind Snowflake decides, to raid the mermaids lagoon for their treasure. Hook manages to freeze the water of the lagoon and retrieve the treasure, but this is short-lived once Jake and his mateys arrive causing Hook to lose the treasure to Marina and the other mermaids. Later with the assistance of the Pirate Princess, acting as bait for Captain Hook's greed, Jake and his friends manage to reclaim North Wind Snowflake and return it to Captain Frost.


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