Night of the Stonewolf-titlecardJake: "Night of the Stonewolf"



Captain Hook: Quickly, men. I want that Moon Gem.


Bones: Blimey. This stonewolf statue gives me the creppy-jeebies

Captain Hook: Careful. Do not touch that cursed gem. Anyone who so much lays a finger on it will be magically transformed into a werewolf.

Sharky: That's not all, cap'n. Legend says the Stonewolf roams at night.

Captain Hook: Nonsense. It's just a statue.

Mr.Smee: Um, beggin' the cap'n's pardon, but if the Moon Gem be so dangerous, why do you want it?

Captain Hook: Because I've got a wolfishly hairy plan. I will use this gem to trick Captain Jake and his bitty Buccaneers into leading me to the legendary Stonewolf Treasure.

Mr.Smee: Oh, dear. It's not very nice to trick the sea pups.

Captain Hook: Mr.Smee, in case you haven't noticed, I am not nice, and I love playing tricks. Now hurry!

Bones: Creppy-jeebies.

Jake: what an awesome day, eh, crew?

Cubby: I could go to the beach everyday! Whoa!

Jake: Cubby, you all Right?

Cubby:Yeah. Hey, check it out.

Izzy: Where'd that package come from?

Cubby: Green paper, sparkles. I bet it's from Peter and Tinker Bell. Aw, coconuts. it's just a rock.

Jake: Whoa! that's the moon gem. Don't touch it, or you'll turn into a werewolf.

Cubby: Oh, no!

Jake: Look Alive!

Skully: Ow! Hey.

Izzy: Shiver me Timbers!

Jake: Uh-oh.


Skully: Howlin' Crackers! I feel like a furry flying carpet

Izzy: Yay hey, no way.

Cubby: Aw, coconuts


Izzy:Whoa. what a glow.

Cubby: This is weird. why would peter pull a prank like this?

Jake: He wouldn't, but i know would. That sneaky snook...

Captain Hook: Little old me.

All: Captain Hook!

Izzy: Yay hey, no way. Why did you do This?

Captain Hook: Because I need you furry fang faces to lead me to Stonewolf Valley, and the Legendary Stonewolf Treasure.

Izzy: Stonewolf Valley? Only a werewolf can find that place.

Captain Hook: Precisely.

Jake: Then why didn't why you just turn yourself into a werewolf, and find the treasure on your own?

Mr.Smee: Well, you see, the cap'n felt that It was too dangerous, and, uh, oh my! Now you poor sea pups are all wolves. I'm so sorry.

Bones: Please don't bite us!

Jake: Mateys, the only way to reverse the wolf spell is to return the Moon Gem to the stonewolf statue. So...(growls) Give us back the moon gem.

Captain Hook: Never! I shall keep the gem until you you lead to the treasure. And if you do not succeed by sunrise tomorrow, you will all remain werewolves forever!

Jake: Forget it, Captain. I'm not letting you get away with this.


Captain Hook: Stop it, Get away. Down, boy!

Jake:Ha! Got It! Come on, wolf mateys. We're giving this back to the stonewolf.


Captain Hook: Stop those pesky pups! I need them to find that treasure.

Jake: Hold up, crew. The Stonewolf statue, it's gone!


Cubby: But if we can't return the moon gem to the stonewolf before sunrise, we're sunk.

Captain Hook: So you might as well lead me to that Stonewolf treasure. And to make sure you dogs remain obedient , I shall hold on to that moon gem. Barnacles (screams) Take this away!

Sharky: I got it. Wait, no. I don't got it.

Bones: My turn.

Captain Hook: Blast! Now we be werewolves, too.

(Both Laughing)

Bones: I like this game.

Captain Hook: You blithing bubbleheads. Give me that! Now follow me.

Izzy: Yay hey, where are they going?

Jake: Follow me, crew.


Captain Hook: Ta-ta, puny flea bags. Now that me crew and I be wolves, we can find our own way to Stonewolf Valley and the treasure. Listen up. With me werewolf senses, I can see the path to Stonewolf Valley. Look! The wolf prints show the way.

(All howling)

Jake: Mateys, we gotta get that gem back now. This is an emergency.

Izzy: I'm on it, Jake. Pixie dust... Shiver me timber wolf. (Howls)

Jake: Over there. The Stonewolf statue. It's alive!

Cubby: How'd that happen?

Izzy: I don't know, but it must want the moon gem back, so now it's going after Captain Hook.

Skully: Good. Old sneaky snook will get just what he deserves.

Izzy: No! It's bad for him and us. We need to get that gem back, remember?

Cubby: Mateys, check it out. (Barking) I found another way around the ravine. But we'll have to hurry if we're gonna catch up to Hook.

Jake: Yo ho, let's gooooo!


Captain Hook: Glory be. I can practically smell the treasure. (Howling) Follow me, you mangy mutt's.

Mr.Smee: Cap'n, might I suggest we abandon this treasure hunt? We're werewolves, you know. We have to return that bewitched gem before...lizard!

Captain Hook: Come back here. I do not have time for all these wolf-dogs shenanigans. My, what a glorious moon.


Captain Hook: Who's a good Boy? Mr.Smee, you've found It! You found the Stonewolf Treasure!

Bones: I don't much like the look of this place. It be spooky and ooky.

Sharky: Oh, I don't know. I like this big statue.(howling)

Bones: That be no statue. It's the Stonewolf!

Captain Hook: Steady, men...I mean wolves. You distract the beast while I run away.


Mr.Smee: Captain Jake! Thank goodness you're here.

Captain Hook: What do you want, wolfy boy?

Jake: You have to return the Moon Gem to the Stonewolf, Hook.

Captain Hook: Not until I gets me treasure.

Izzy: Back off, beast.

Captain Hook: Ha Ha! The Moon Gem! Blast!

Cubby: Crumbling coconuts. We'll never find the Moon Gem now.

Jake: Not so fast. We're trying to make things right here.

Captain Hook: Dig, you scurvy wolves. Find that moon gem.


Cubby: Can't catch me.Uh-oh, maybe you can.

Izzy: I got your back, Cubby.

Jake: And I've got the Stonewolf's back.Aw, who's a big, scary Stonewolf? Yes, you are. Yes, you are.

Izzy: Aw, he's just a big puppy.

Cubby: A puppy that could eat us.

Skully: Heads up. The sun's rising. We've gotta return the Moon Gem now!

Izzy: Ahhh! Where is It?

Bones: I can't find it anywhere.

Sharky: Me neither.

Jake: Wait. Every time I howled, the Moon Gem glowed. So if I howling, I bet I could find it. (Howling) It worked!We're almost out of time. Catch!

Skully: Just in time.

Bones: Oh, I miss me tail.

Captain Hook: Well, don't miss any of this treasure. Quickly, crew, we must...


Captain Hook: run away from this place and never return!

Mr.Smee: Thanks for saving our hides, sea pups!

Jake: You're welcome, Mr.Smee. You're welcome, too.

Izzy: Looks like the Stonewolf is returning home to keep over Stonewolf Valley.

(All howling)



Jake: Yo-ho, way to go! For returning the moon gem to the stonework, we got 9 gold doubloons. Let's put them into our team treasure chest.



Mr.Smee: Excuse me, cap'n. But, where we headed?

Captain Hook:Anywhere, I can not... take me far away from that wolf beast


Captain Hook:(gasping) The stonework is back! (Screaming) out of me way, you overgrown sea lizard.

Tick-Tock Croc:(Growling)(Purring)

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