Never Winds of Marlagoth
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Background information
Other Names
User Captain Flynn, Jake
Purpose Grant wielders various wishes
Location Never Land Desert (originally)
Final State Used to melt ShiverJack 's enchanted ice.
The Never Winds of Marlagoth are sands located deep within the Never Land Desert. Some of the winds were captured within a orb by Captain Flynn to help defeat ShiverJack. The Never Winds of Marlagoth is hot enough to melt even ShiverJack 's enchanted ice.

Role in the Series

The Never Winds of Marlagoth first appeared in the episode "ShiverJack",Jake confronts ShiverJack at Skull Rock. ShiverJack attempts to freeze Jake but the magic of his Forever Sword proved too powerful even for ShiverJack's trident. A short battle between both pirates begins,however ShiverJack manages to knock Jake's sword away, believing he has truly won ShiverJack transforms Skull Rock into his icy throne. This is short-lived as Skully has return with Captain Flynn who has a magical orb containing the Never Winds of Marlagoth which has the power to melt even ShiverJack's enchanted ice. Jake load the orb into the cannon aboard Flynn's ship and fires it at ShiverJack weakening both the ice elemental and reverting his ice magic from Never Land. ShiverJack is last seen as Jake cast him out of Never Land but before leaving, ShiverJack acknowledges Jake as his only threat and swears he'll return once more, colder than ever, before vanishing.


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