The Never Rainbow

The Never Rainbow.

The Never Rainbow is a rainbow mysterious rainbow in Never Land that is said to leads to the Dazzle Diamond, a large multi-colored gemstone and the source of the Pirate Princess's power to her Rainbow Wand.

Role in the Series

The Never Rainbow plays key role in the episode "The Never Rainbow". The Pirate Princess's Rainbow Wand has run out of power. Luckily for her, the legendary Never Rainbow has appeared over Pirate Island, Never Land and the Never Sea. The rainbow leads to the Dazzle Diamond which if taped by the wand, the said wand will be empowered. However, as the crew set off, Captain Hook learns from his crew that every rainbow leads to treasure, urging the captain to go after it. Once both team of pirates meet and the diamond, the Pirate Princess manages to recharge her wand but Hook still attempts to steal the treasure. Unfortunately for the villain, the Never Rainbow vanishes along with the diamond leaving the captain treasure-less.