Never Nile-Dread the Evil Pharaoh01
The Never Nile
Background Information
First appearance "Captain Flynn's New Matey"
Latest appearance "Dread the Pharaoh!"
Park attractions
Inspiration Nile River
Other Information
Other names
Location Pharaoh Valley within the Never Land Desert
Inhabitants Nile Crocodile
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully,Camille ,Pirate Pharaoh, Otaa, Dread the Evil Genie,Skorpio,Tick-Tock Croc
Final state Still standing

The Never Nile is a large river that flows within Pharaoh Valley located within the Never Land Desert.



According to the legend the Pirate Pharaoh was a prideful ruled over Pharaoh Valley and one his prized location within his kingdom was the Never Nile, lush and full of life. Until his kingdom was attacked by the wicked queen, Queen Patra Cleo who sealed the Never Nile away in a mountain long ago. The Never Nile flows once more after the revival of the Pirate Pharaoh and the help of Jake and his crew after clearing a misunderstanding.

Role in the series

The Never Nile makes a brief appearance in the episode "Captain Flynn's New Matey", as Captain Flynn's pet camel,Camille was sent by Flynn to bring Jake and his crew to the Pirate Pyramid, since he needed Cubby's help reading a special treasure map. Camille accompanies Flynn, Jake, Izzy, Skully and Cubby to uncover the Golden Goblet hidden within the depth of underground labyrinth in the Never Land Desert.

The Never Nile first appeared in the episode "Rise of the Pirate Pharaoh ."After Jake and his crew defeat the Pharaoh's Anubis from destroying a mountain. The Pirate Pharaoh asked why Jake and his forces are so bent on stopping him. They accuse the pharaoh of being evil. But the Pirate Pharaoh reveals he isn't evil and only wishes to restore the waters of the Never Nile to the Pharaoh's Valley, Jake and his crew felt sorry for accusing the Pirate Pharaoh of being a villain and decided to help him restore the Never Nile to make up for their mistake.

The Never Nile reappears at the in the episode "Dread the Pharaoh!". After Dread the Evil Genie takes control over the Pirate Pharaoh's magical crook and flail he blast both the Pharaoh and Otaa into the Never Nile. Later Jake and his crew meets up with the Pirate Pharaoh at Never Nile to come up with a plan to deal with Dread. The Never Nile is last seen at the end of the episode after Dread is defeated by the Pirate Pharaoh and Jake and his crew. Dread and Skorpio the Scorpion are banished by the Pirate Pharaoh from the desert. As Dread ponders his next occupation being powerless again he comes across a hook-like stick next to the Never Nile,he picks it up claiming maybe he should be a nefarious pirate leading a crew to plunder the Never Sea (mirroring Captain Hook). Dread soon regrets making light at Hook when Tick-Tock the Crocodile emerges from the Never Nile and attempts to eat Dread. Dread screams for Skorpio to save him, but the scorpion ignores Dread's cries and wanders off leaving the ex-genie Dread fleeing in terror from the hungry the crocodile.


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