Never Land Nest
The Never Land Nest
Background Information
First appearance "Flight of the Feathers"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Skully,Swifty, Talon, Eagle-Eye,Beatrice Le Beak,Fast Claw
Final state Still standing

The Never Land Nest is a massive mountain located in Never Land.

Role in the series

The Never Land Nest first appeared in the episode "Flight of the Feathers", Wise Old Parrot summons Top Bird and rest of the Feathered Four on their hundredth mission to use the Platinum Feather to find the treasure of the Never Land Nest. While Top Bird and his team set off to find the treasure they are attacked by Beatrice Le Beak's pet falcon Fast Claw, who manages to steal the Platinum Feather and injure Top Bird in the process. Luckily Top Bird lands on Pirate Island where he meets Jake and his crew. Skully was very impressed, being a huge fan of Top Bird's many adventures. Top Bird knew of Skully's heroism as well and asks him to lead the Feathered Four in their quest to retrieve Platinum Feather from Le Beak and locate the treasure on the top of the Never Land Nest. Skully was little reluctant to fill in Top Bird's pace however Jake reassures him and he, Izzy and Cubby tend to Top Bird's injured wing. Using his quick wit Skully manages to retrieve the Platinum Feather from Le Beak and journey onward to the Never Land Nest with the rest of the Feathered Four. Once at the nest, Skully and the team found it difficult flying through the large crystals. Beatrice and Fast Claw soon pursued Skully and team to the nest using teamwork and the various tight corners Skully and the Feathered Four manage to outwit both Beatrice and Fast Claw once more allowing them to find the treasure.


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