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Never Land Cliffs
Background Information
First appearance "Cap'n Croak!"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky,Bones, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully
Final state Still standing
The Never Land Cliffs is a large cliff located in Never Land.

Role in the series

The Never Land Cliffs first appeared in the episode "Cap'n Croak!",Captain Hook and his crew were spying on Jake and his crew from the cliffs, in hopes of them leading him to a treasure and Hook refuse to leave the cliffs until he learns what treasure's location. However Mr. Smee tries to inform Hook that Jake and his pirate team may not be after any treasure. Hook refuses to listen and orders his crew to keep watch. In order to past the time Bones attempts to perform magic tricks for Smee and Sharky and in the process he believed he had turned Captain Hook into a frog. That soon hopes away into the Never Land Jungle. Smee, Sharky, and Bones gives chase unaware that they left the real Captain Hook tangled within the vines hanging over the Never Land Cliffs. Smee, Sharky, and Bones soon run into Jake and his crew who offer to help and knew if anyone could change Hook back to a cranky crook it's Misty the Wonderful Witch. Once the pirates reach Misty's home, they inform her of their dilemma. Misty tried to revert the spell but nothing happens, and suddenly the frog leaped off, with Smee, Sharky, and Bones chasing after the frog before Misty could inform them that the frog was not Captain Hook. Still worried where Hook could be Jake and his crew ask Misty if she could help locate the captain. Using her magic Misty locates Hook dangling over the Never Land Cliffs. Aware of the danger Izzy gives her mateys the power of flight with her pixie dust and they fly to the Never Land Cliffs just in time to catch Captain Hook as he was falling and safely brought him back to the top of the Never Land Cliffs. Hook soon storms off to find his bumbling crew not even acknowledging or thanking Jake and his mateys for coming to his rescue.


Jake's Never Land Pirate School

The Never Land Cliffs make a brief appearance in the episode "Saving Captain Hook". As one of the hazards Jake and his crew had to rescue Captain Hook from.


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