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Never Land Ankh
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User Pirate Mummy, Jake, Captain Flynn
Purpose Allows it wielder to control the sand in Never Land
Location The Pirate Mummy's Tomb in the Never Land Desert
Final State Still within the Pirate Mummy's Tomb
I've got a better idea. We just need to find the Never Land Ankh

The Never Land Ankh is a magical golden ankh hidden deep within the Pirate Mummy's Tomb located in the Never Land Desert.


The magic words are on the side. Say them and the ankh will command the sands as you wish!
―Pirate Mummy

The Never Land Ankh has the power to control large bodies of sand when the wielder says the words "Sand-um command-um".

Role in the series

The Never Land Ankh first appeared in the episode "Treasure of the Pirate Mummy's Tomb". Jake and crew accompanied by Captain Flynn venture into the Pirate Mummy's Tomb in the search of the Never Land Ankh which has the power to free Flynn's ship the Barracuda from the sands of the Never Land Desert unknown that Captain Hook overhears the pirates and decides to claim the ankh for himself he comes up with a scheme disguising himself and Mr. Smee as mummies to scare Flynn and the others away. While Hook sets his sneaky plan into motion the Pirate Mummy over hears them entering the tomb. Later when the pirates enter the chamber of the ankh and Hook and Smee were revealed as the mummies that chase the hero into earlier. Captain Hook grows impatient with the ankh no were in sight and he begins throwing various levers, sealing everyone within the chamber and revealing the real Pirate Mummy much to the fright of the other pirates but much to their surprise the Mummy was more afraid of them and was no threat to the pirates. Jake asked if they could barrow the ankh to assist Captain Flynn but Captain Hook demands the ankh for himself and tried pulling another lever believing it would grant him the treasure but instead forces sand to fill the chamber. Thinking, Jake ask for the ankh which the Pirate Mummy reveals and informs how to use the power of the ankh to rescue everyone from the sand. But even after the ordeal greedy Captain Hook was still determined to have the golden ankh much to the annoyance of the Pirate Mummy who pulls another activating another pirate booby-trap sending Hook and Mr. Smee flying out of the Pirate Mummy's tomb.

Video games

In the online game "Super Pirate Powers". The Never Land Ankh is the first power-up Jake comes across while traveling through the Pirate Mummy's Tomb. Jake can use it rise piles of sand to make a platform or sand pillars in his adventure to reclaim the Mega-Mecha Sword from Captain Hook.


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