Neptune's Trident
Neptune's Trident
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Inspiration Trident from Greek mythology
Background information
Other Names
User Izzy
Purpose The magical ability to create large bodies of water.
Location Mount Mer-suvias in Never Land (originally)
Neptune City (currently)
Final State Return to Marina and Stormy
Neptune's Golden Trident. This special mer-treasure is said to create bodies of water. The Trident was hidden a long time ago to keep it safe from thieving pirates.
― Marina and Stormy

Neptune's Trident is an ancient trident belonging to King Neptune. It has the power to make large bodies of water with a single blast.


The trident can only be wielded by a mermaid and if any other being touched the trident it will give them a shock as Captain Hook learned the hard way. Since Izzy was bestowed the title of honorary mermaid she can safety wield the power of the trident.

Role in the series

Neptune's Trident first appeared in the episode "Izzy's Trident Treasure."Marina and Stormy found the Map to Neptune's Trident and recruited the aid of Jake and his crew due to the trident is located on top of Mount Mer-suvias, an underwater mountain in the middle of a dried lake. Only mermaids can touch the Trident since Izzy was an honorary mermaid she was able to touch the Trident.



  • Despite its description as "Neptune's Golden Trident", the actual trident itself is not made of gold.
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