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Musical Pipes
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User Peter Pan,Jake,Captain Hook,Sharky, Bones
Purpose Playing music,revealing the hidden treasure
Location Pirate Island
Final State Presumed to be on Pirate Island
The Musical Pipes is a pan flute that belong to Peter Pan. He gave them to Jake and his crew so that they could find a treasure hidden on Never Land which will only appear when the music from the pipes are played.

Role in the series

The Musical Pipes first appeared in the episode "Peter's Musical Pipes". While Jake and his crew where asleep Peter Pan leaves the musical pipes with a message in order to find the treasure of Great Tree Glade hidden on Never Land. While searching for the treasure Jake and his crew run into Sharky and Bones who have been discharge from Captain Hook's crew. Sharky and Bones help Jake's crew who are coincidentally searching for treasure that requires musical talents and the use of Peter Pan's pipes, which they already have in their possessions, in order to be found. Hook spots Sharky and Bones working with the pirates and follows them to the treasure of Peter Pan's pipes. Hook steals the pipes but doesn't know how to play, preventing him from revealing the treasure. Sharky volunteers to play it if Hook hires him and Bones and promises never to have them walk the plank again. Hook agrees. The treasure is revealed and the pipes are returned to Jake by Bones. Hook still decides to steal the pipes but Jake and his crew escapes. Hook forgets the situation and makes way for the Jolly Roger. There, he orders Sharky and Bones to complete their work and play some music which they gladly do.

Printed material

The Musical Pipes reappearance in the book, "My First Look Find Jake and the Never Land Pirates". It can be seen in the Have-a-Banana Grove page, Izzy can be seen holding the musical pipes.


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