Images of Mr. Smee in the fourth season of the Series.

The Remarkable Beardini!

Escape from Ghost Island

The Golden Hook

Mystery of the Mighty Colossus

Captain Hook's Colossal Collision

Magical Mayhem!

Monkey Tiki Trouble

The Golden Dragon

Peter Pan's 100 Treasures!

Sharky Unchained

Captain Quixote

Captain Hook's Crocodile Crew

The Creature of Doubloon Lagoon

Minotaur Mix-Up!

Pirate Fools Day!

The Forbidden City

Attack Of The Pirate Piranhas

March Of The Lava Monsters

Beardini's Apprentice

Mummy First Mate

Night of the Stonewolf

Tales of Captain Buzzard

The Legion of Pirate Villains

Tiger Sharky Strikes Again!

Captain Jake's Pirate Power Crew!