Mount Olampus-Hook the Genie!
Mount Olampus
Background Information
First appearance "Hook the Genie!"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Inhabitants Old Lamp Maker
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones
Final state Still standing
To break the spell, you've got to talk to the old lamp maker.He lives far away on the top of Mount Olampus.
―Pip the Pirate Genie

Mount Olampus is a large mountain in the shape of a genie's lamp located in Never Land and home to the Old Lamp Maker.

Role in the series

Mount Olampus first appeared in the episode "Hook the Genie!". While Captain Hook and his crew were out searching for treasure on the beach, Bones uncovers a magic lamp. Quickly, Hook snatches the lamp from his bumbling crewman and rubs it to release the genie within but Hook is instead forced inside and re-emerged as a genie. At first, Hook was displeased but Mr. Smee suggests the captain could make all his wishes come true. But unfortunate for the greedy captain, he was unable to perform magic for himself and was forced to serve Bones as his master. Jake and his crew overheard Hook bellowing and offer their assistance to turn Hook back to normal. Cubby suggest they find Pip the Pirate Genie if maybe he would know a way to change Hook back to normal. Suddenly Pip appears before the pirates hearing Cubby's wish. Pip was shocked and a little amused at Captain Hook's predicament, much to Hook's annoyance. Pip suggests they journey to the top of Mount Olampus to find the old lamp maker who could help break the spell. As the Pirates journey through Never Land to the mountain, Bones tries various wishes in order to cheer Hook up, like ice cream and a fun way to the mountain's top. Once the pirates had reached the top of Mount Olampus, the old lamp maker informs them that the only way to change Hook back is to have someone else take Hook's place as the genie of the lamp. Bones volunteered to take Hook's place, shocking everyone. Bones was willing to make this sacrifice since he failed to cheer Hook up. Hook was so overwhelmed by the gesture of his crewman, he felt a feeling he'd never felt before: guilt for his actions. Hook informs the lamp maker he would remain as a genie, the old lamp maker chuckled as Hook is returned to his former self. Captain Hook was over-joyed to be back to normal but everyone was confused when the old lamp maker turned out to be Pip in disguised. Hook demand to know why Pip put him through the whole ordeal if he had the power to turn him back to normal earlier. Pip revealed that he wanted to teach Hook a lesson for his greedy actions.


  • Mount Olampus name is a play on Mount Olympus.


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