Mount Mer-suvias02
Mount Mer-suvias
Background Information
First appearance "Izzy's Trident Treasure"
Latest appearance
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Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Marina,Stormy
Final state Still standing
That's called Mount Mer-suvias.And I think I know why you can't find it.The lake you're looking for dried up a long time ago.

Mount Mer-suvias is a large mountain within Never Land. It was once a large lake that dried up a long time ago.


Sometime before the event of the series the mermaids use to visit Mount Mer-suvias when the mountain was underwater. But some unknown event caused the lake of Mount Mer-suvias to dry up preventing the mermaids from returning to uncover one of their most prized treasure Neptune's Trident. Luckily for the mermaids the trident is protected by magic only allowing mermaids the power to touch Neptune's Trident.

Role in the series

Mount Mer-suvias first appeared in the episode "Izzy's Trident Treasure" Marina and Stormy go to Pirate Island to get Jake and his crew's help in recovering the mermaids most prized treasures. Stormy explains that she found the Map to Neptune's Trident. It leads to Mount Mer-suvias, a mountain in the middle of a dried-up a lake in the desert. Mermaids can't walk on land but only a mermaid can touch Neptune's Trident. Izzy offers to help being an honorary mermaid she can touch the trident and walk on land. Jake and his crew set out to find the trident with the two mermaids. They get to Never Land and sail trough Sandbar Straits with the help of Marina and Stormy. Captain Hook spots the young heroes and soon finds out that they are looking for the Neptune's Trident. Just thinking about the power of the trident at his command Hook and his crew soon give chase using the Jolly Roger but soon become stuck within the sandbar do the ship's mass. Jake and his crew use there raft not wanting to risk getting Bucky stuck within the thin canal but to current is too strong for them but with the help of Marina and Stormy, the young pirates were able to push through leave Hook and Smee behind. Finally, Jake and his crew reach Mount Mer-suvias and find the trident. Suddenly Captain Hook and Smee arrive crashing through sky do to sail of there rowboat caught in a strong gust. After Hook gains footing he attempts to steal Neptune's Trident but Izzy tries to warn Hook of the danger that only mermaids can touch the trident but the greedy captain ignores Izzy's warning, causing the trident to shock Hook as he touches it. Izzy manages to recover the trident when it slips from Hook's grasp. Before returning the trident to Marina and Stormy, Izzy uses it to restore the lake around Mount Mer-suvias.


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