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Mermaid's Treasure
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User The Mermaids, Marina, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones
Purpose Part of the mermaids collection of sunken treasures
Location Mermaid Lagoon
Final State Presume to be moved to a deeper section of Mermaid Lagoon.
The Mermaid's Treasure is the vast golden treasure that the mermaids have collected throughout the years hidden at the bottom of Mermaid Lagoon.


The Mermaid's Treasure has been mentioned a couple of times through the course of the series. It has been one of the few treasures that Captain Hook constantly bulling the mermaids into revealing their treasure even attempting to use Queen Coralie as a ransom to force the mermaids to give him their treasure.

Role in the series

In the episode "Jake's Royal Rescue." While traveling the depth of the Never Sea Queen Coralie the leader of Neptune City is captured by Captain Hook and his crew as a ransom for the mermaid's treasure. Meanwhile, Marina and the mermaids prepare a show in Queen Coralie's honor when Jake and his crew soon arrive with gifts for the queen when they spot Queen Coralie's Chariot with a message from Hook demanding the mermaids give him their treasure for Coralie's safe return. Jake and his crew soon set a course to rescue her.

In the episode "Captain Frost". Captain Hook armed with the magical snowflake gem he stole from Captain Frost arrive at Mermaid Lagoon. Hook threatens to take control the mermaid's treasures, using the North Wind Snowflake, a gem with the power to freeze the lagoon allowing the captain to retrieve the treasure. However, this is short-lived once Jake and his crew arrive accompanied by Captain Frost thwart Hook's efforts knocking the treasure back into the lagoon, allowing Marina and the other mermaids to hide it somewhere Hook will never find it.

Video games

The Mermaid's Treasure is featured in the Disney Junior online game "Journey Beyond the Never Seas" Sunken Treasure segment. Jake most use his Sea Scuttler to collect gold doubloons and recover the Mermaid's Treasure and return to the surface while dodging various sunken objects and the Golden Squid.


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