Mark Drop is a writer and producer for television shows, many of which have been animated series. Currently he on staff at Jake and the Never Land Pirates and developing animated series.


Mark Drop graduated from Ohio University in Athens ('83) with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Degree in hand he moved immediately to New York where he pretended to focus on a career in advertising while actually playing in various loud rock bands, performing improv and writing plays, songs, screenplays and a humor book (The Hamper & Trivet Catalog; Simon & Schuster).

He moved to Los Angeles to write jokes for The Arsenio Hall Show and went on to write for various live-action sitcoms, including Dinosaurs (ABC/Disney), Something Wilder (WB), Goode Behavior (UPN/Paramount), A2Z (Helion Films/ITV London) and late night soap opera, The Clinic (co-wrote five pilot episodes for Comedy Central).

Mark has worked extensively in animation since 1997 when he joined the staff of Disney's RECESS as a producer for 52 episodes. He co-wrote the pilot for Disney's Lloyd In Space series, of which he Executive Produced 39 half hours. Recently he has been developing a variety of series – both animated and live action -- for Jetix, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

He has also contributed humor to several animated features, including RECSS: School's Out, Lion King 1 ½ and Jungle Book 2. He has done development work for Klasky-Csupo, contributed to several interactive titles (CD-ROM games Toonstruck, Tron 2.0 and political web soap and written assorted episodes of numerous animated series including Mouse & Monster, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Dave The Barbarian, Teamo Supremo, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Kim Possible, Alien Racers, Katbot, Danny Phantom, the new George of the Jungle, Emperor's New School, Zula Patrol and many more. To this day he lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Mimi, his son, Dylan, a brilliant genius.

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