Mama Croc's Babies are minor characters featured in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They are baby crocodiles with golden tails that live on Never Land with their mother. Their vocal effects are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the Series

The Baby Crocs first appeared in the episode "Croctastrophy!", while searching for treasure Captain Hook and his crew discover a golden glow coming from Shipwreck Beach, on closer inspection Hook and his crew uncover some golden eggs. Captain Hook was overjoyed by finally finding treasure on his own. This is short-lived when the golden eggs hatch into crocodiles prompting Captain Hook to drop them as he tries to flee the baby crocs follow after imprint on Hook, believing the captain to be their father. Jake and his crew soon come to Hook's aid by getting Nanny Nell do to her experience taking care of babies they knew she'll be able to help. However Mr. Smee,Sharky and Bones inform them that Hook has fled deeper into the Never Land Jungle in order to escape the baby crocs. Once the group finds Captain Hook he is cornered by the baby crocodiles on Croc Snout Rock. Nanny Nell suggest Hook plays along with the babies due to the imprinting they'll follow anywhere so he can simple tire them out much Hook's dismay. After a long chase across the island, the baby crocs are fast asleep Hook attempts to leave them to fend for themselves but Nanny Nell reminds Hook if they don't locate the croc's mother they'll pursue Hook forever. Back On Shipwreck Beach Jake, his crew and Nanny Nell locate the mother crocodile trap within a net inside of the old wreck in order to free her without fear of her turning on them,Izzy uses her Pixie Dust, to lift the crocodile off the ground allowing Jake to safely cut her free from the net with his Forever Sword. Mama Croc soon lands on the beach much to the horror of Hook and his crew who flee from her as the baby crocodiles nuzzle against her before leaving into the Never Land Jungle.

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