Lighthouse Diamond
Lighthouse Diamond
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User Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee
Purpose To light travelers way to Pirate Island at night.
Location Inside the old lighthouse on the far side of Pirate Island.
Final State Still within Pirate Island Lighthouse
The Lighthouse Diamond is a gemstone located in an old lighthouse on the far side of Pirate Island. Its only appearance in the series was the episode "The Lighthouse Diamond."

Role in the series

One evening on Pirate Island Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully his crew revived a message from Red Jessica who planed on visiting to witness the Midnight Sunflower's bloom. In order to prevent Red Jessica from sailing pass the island, they venture through the dark with the aid of Brightly the Firefly to light their way to the far side of the island to an old lighthouse. Unknown to the young pirates Captain Hook and Mr. Smee plan to follow them to discover what treasure the lighthouse may hide.

The young pirates discover a large diamond was used for the signal beacon but before they could activate it Hook swoops in and make off with diamond Jake tried to plead with Hook not to steal it but the Captain was in too much of a rush to listen to Jake, forcing the puny pirate crew to across the island. during the chase Hook loses the diamond in Gemstone Pit and couldn't tell which diamond was the one he stole but Jake and crew knew that the only gemstone in the pit that glows when light was the real Lighthouse Diamond with Brightly the firefly manage to find the diamond but Hook still refuse to give up his treasure until he spotted his beloved Red Jessica's ship the Rose sailing pass the island finally gives Jake the time to explain they needed the diamond to light the way for Red Jessica. Hook forgets about his treasure and quickly helps Jake and crew to return the diamond to the lighthouse and guide Red Jessica back to the island.


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