Jake the Wolf- titlecard Jake: "Jake the Wolf"


Cubby:I found some coconuts for roasting!

Izzy:I picked some pineapples and...

Skully: Crackers!

All we need now is Jake to return with some firewood so I could toast my crackers.

Jake:This ought to be enough.

Ahoy! What's this?

A gem... with writing on it.

"Touch this gem and changed you'll be, until the Great Wolf again can see." Hmm... I'll be changed if I touch it?

Whoa! Oof!

[chuckles] That was weird.

[rustling] [grunting, panting] Huh? What?

No way! Oh, no!


Cubby:Jake! Hey, Jake!

Oh, there you are.

Did you get the firewood... [gasping] It's a w... wolf beast!


Jake:Cubby, wait!

It's me! [howling] [yelling] Wolf beast!

Skully:Wolf beast?

Jake:[howling] [grunting] [barking]

[both yelling]



Izzy:Shiver me shiverin' shivers!

Cubby:Aw, coconuts! [rustling]


Izzy:Careful, Jake, there's a wolf beast out there!

Jake:I don't see anything. Just me. [nervous chuckle]

Cubby:I saw it! In the jungle!





Jake's the wolf?

Jake:It's all 'cause of this.

Izzy:That's the legendary Moon Gem. Whoa, you're not supposed to touch it.

Jake:I know!

Izzy:Legend says the only way to break the spell is to return the Moon Gem to the top of Midnight Hill.

Cubby:Midnight Hill!That's only the spookiest place in Never Land!

Izzy:The Moon Gem has to be returned before sunrise or Jake will stay a wolf beast forever!

Jake:No...! [howling] Oh. Sorry.

Izzy:Mateys! Let's go to Midnight Hill, return the Moon Gem, and save Jake from staying a wolf forever!

Keep a lookout for gold doubloons.

Skully:Is everybody ready?

Jake:Got my sword... and the Moon Gem.

Cubby:My map!

Izzy: My Pixie Dust!

Jake:Yo-ho! Let's go to Midnight Hill!

Song: Yo Ho, mateys away!:

Yo-ho, mateys, away

There'll be treasure and adventure today
Let's go!
Heave-ho, here we go
Together as a team
Jake and the Never Land pirates...
And me

Jake:[howling] [growls] [yelps] [barking]

Skully:Barking biscuits!

We're gonna need a leash for Jake.

Izzy:[whistles] Here, Jake!

Cubby: Here, boy!

Captain Hook:This way, crew, and no dawdling!

Mr. Smee:But, Cap'n, we've been treasure hunting for hours without any luck.

Hook:Push on!

[Jake howling]

Mr. Smee: Cap'n, look!

Bones:It be a howlin' wolf beastie!

[all yelling]

Mr. Smee: Dear, oh, dear!

Jake:[barking] [panting]

Cubby:Bad Jake! Bad... Jake!


Cubby:Oh, you're a good boy! Who's a good boy? Jakey's a good boy. [panting]

Izzy:Jake, you can't run off like that.

Jake:Sorry. When I'm a wolf, I just can't help myself. I wish I never found this Moon Gem.

The sooner we get it to Midnight Hill, the better.

Jake:I don't want to stay a wolf forever.

Mr.Smee:Did you hear that?

Hook: Yes. A Moon Gem!

Mr.Smee:No, I meant that Jake might stay a wolf pup forever.

Hook:Ha! Who cares about that mutt's canine conundrum.I must have that Moon Gem for meself!

Cubby:Guys, look! The only way to Midnight Hill is through Tanglethorn Marsh!

And no one's ever made it through there.

Jake:There's no time to lose. Let's go!

Cubby:Aw, coconuts! What are we gonna do?

Jake:I think I can hack it.

Hook:Quickly! After those pesky pirates!

Sharky:But Cap'n, that be a prickly place, and I have sensitive skin.

Hook:Fine! Wha...? Mr. Smee, lead the way!

Smee:Oh, my! Thank you... Cap'n.

Jake:[exclaiming] Stay close. It's tricky in here.

Izzy:Yay-hey, no way!

[straining] I'm stuck!

Skully:[squawks] I've run

Cubby:Me, too!

Jake:Hold tight, mateys.

[grunting] Oh, no! Now I'm caught!

[straining] Rusty anchors!

Jake:I'm sorry, crew. None of this would have happened if I left that Moon Gem alone. [panting]

Skully:Oh, crackers! Not now!


Izzy:Good boy, Jake.

Jake:[panting] That was easy. Now, follow me.[sniffing] My wolf sniffer will sniff out the way to go.[sniffing] [howling]

Izzy:All right! We made it through Tanglethorn Marsh and we got four gold doubloons!

Jake:[howling] Let's grab 'em and go to the top of Midnight Hill.

[Jake barking]

Smee:[gasping] Thank goodness the sea pups left a trail we could follow.

Bones:I can't believe we made it out with nary a scratch.

Hook:[exclaiming] Speak for yourself.After those puny pirates and that treasure!

Cubby:Well, we're here. [stammering] Midnight Hill!

Skully:And we've got company.


Izzy:[gasping] Another wolf?

Jake:[howling] I bet he's waiting for the Moon Gem.

Hook:[cackling] At last the Moon Gem belongs to me!


Izzy:Captain Hook, you have to give the Moon Gem back. We've gotta return it to the top of Midnight Hill before sunrise.

Cubby:Otherwise Jake will stay a wolf forever!

Hook:I do not care.I've got what I came for and now I'm leaving!

Jake:[barking] No! Captain Hook!Don't touch the gem!

[Hook yells]

Smee:Oh, my!

Hook:What are you ninnies gawking at? [gasping] I'm a wolf beast![howling]

Jake:[barking] Captain Hook!You've gotta take the Moon Gem to the top of Midnight Hill.

Cubby:Now! Before sunrise!

Jake:[howls] Izzy! This is an emergency!

Izzy:Pixie Dust away!

Hook:[hollering] What in blazes?

Izzy:Give the Moon Gem to the wolf at the top of the hill!

Hook: What wolf?

Hook:That wolf?


Izzy: Yay-hey, no way! the moon gem! We can't reach it!

Jake:[growling] I can![panting]

Izzy:Jake, hurry!

Jake:[panting] Uh? The wolf's a statue? Oh, it's like the Moon Gem says: "Touch this gem and changed you'll be until the Great Wolf again can see." Whoo-hoo! I'm back! [laughing] Yo-ho, way to go!For returning the Moon Gem to Midnight Hill, we got five more gold doubloons.Let's grab 'em and go back to Pirate Island.

Hook:Wait! Aren't you forgetting something?

Smee:Oh, dear, we'd better fetch the cap'n.

Sharky:Aye, he's probably in a beastly mood after the night he's had.

Jake:Mateys, thanks for helping me return the Moon Gem.Now let's put all our gold doubloons into our Team Treasure Chest.

Song: Team Treasure Chest song:

Way-hey, well done, crew
Everyone knew just what to do
Way-hey, with help from you
It's time to count our gold doubloons

Jake: Come on! Count with us!

All: Yeah!



Izzy: Seven, eight, nine!

Jake: We got nine gold doubloons today!

[wolf howling]

[all shouting]

Cubby:[stammering] What is that? Another wolf beast?

Lizard:[blows raspberry]

[all laughing]


Jake:Hey, you!

Izzy:Come back here.

Skully: Wha-hoo!

Hook:[grumbling] Barnacles!I cannot stop itching!I must still be a wolf!

Sharky:Uh, big pardon, Cap'n.You're no longer a wolf beastie, but, uh... picked up a bad case of fleas.

Bones:So we're gonna give you a bubbly flea bath.

Smee:[chuckling] Let's grab him and scrub him down, boys!

Hook:.. I just had a bath last year! [water splashing] - [Hook spluttering] - No, no! - [water splashing]

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