Home video releases of Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Cover Title Released Episodes
Yo Ho, Mateys Away! September 27, 2011 Hats Off to Hook/Escape from Belch Mountain, Hide the Hideout/The Old Shell Game, Izzy's Pirate Puzzle/The Never Land Games, Off the Hook!/Never Say Never!,Cubby's Sunken Treasure/Cubby's Goldfish, Happy Hook Day!/No Returns!,The Sky's the Limit/Bucky Makes a Splash
Peter Pan Returns April 3, 2012 The Elephant Surprise!/Jake's Jungle Groove ,The Pirate Pup!/Pirate Rock!, The Sword and the Stone/Jake's Home Run, The Pirate Princess/The Rainbow Wand , Mama Hook Knows Best!/Pixie Dust Away
JakeAndNeverlandPiratesJakeSaves BuckyDVD
Jake Saves Bucky October 16, 2012 Peter's Musical Pipes, The Never Night Star, Captain Hook's Hooks, Mr Smee's Pet, Race Around Rock!,Captain Hook is Missing!, Captain Hook's Lagoon, Undersea Bucky
Never Land Rescue
Jake's Never Land Rescue November 19, 2013 'It's a Pirate Picnic!/The Key to Skull Rock', 'The Golden Twilight Treasure!/Rock the Croc!', 'Jake and the Sneaky LeBeak!/Cubby the Brave!' and 'Jake's Special Delivery/Seahorse Saddle-Up!'.
Jake Vs Hook DVD
"Jake Vs Hook" April 14, 2014 (not US) 'Captain Hook's Parrot/Skybird Island Is Falling!', 'Jake and the Beanstalk/Little Red Riding Hook!', 'Sail Away Treasure/The Mystery of Mysterious Island!', 'Hook's Hookity-Hook!/Hooked Together!' and 'Cubby's Mixed-Up Map/Jake's Cool New Matey'.
"Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Battle for the Book" January 6, 2015 Battle For The Book,Treasure Of The Pirate Mummy's Tomb/Mystery Of The Missing Treasure!, Pirate Genie Tale, Captain Gizmo/Jake's Pirate Swap Meet , "Sleeping Mermaid/Jake's Mega-Mecha Sword
"Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates: The Great Never Sea Conquest" January 12, 2016 The Great Never Sea Conquest,Into the Heart of Coldness/The Remarkable Beardini!,Escape from Ghost Island/The Island of Doctor Undergear,Rise of the Pirate Pharaoh/The Golden Hook, The Mystery of the Mighty Colossus/The Doubloon Monsoon,Shark Attack!/Captain Hook’s Colossal Collision
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