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Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky
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Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky is a TV special set that premiered September 19th, 2012, on "Disney Channel" as a Disney Junior Family Night movie event. The special - along with selected second season episodes - was released on Disney DVD October 16, 2012.

Episode Summary

According to the Never Land Pirate Code, Jake and his crew must race Bucky against the Jolly Roger and the sneaky Captain Hook. But if Bucky loses, he’ll belong to Hook forever! Of course, Hook uses every trick in the book and wins the race! But, Jake and his crew might have a way to get Bucky back. With the help of Peter Pan, the young pirates embark on an adventure across Never Land that includes getting past a fire-breathing dragon! With your help, Jake’s crew can save Bucky from the devious Captain Hook!


It's nighttime and Captain Hook wants Sharky and Bones, and Mr. Smee to read a book for him. The three come directly for him, with books in their hands. Bones mentions that their feet are there too. Hook complains to Smee about the bedtime story he had asked for. He says he can't fall asleep with an exciting story. The three then show off their books. Mr. Smee shows The Three Little Pirate Piggies, but Hook has heard that story about 3,000 times. Sharky shows him Green Coconuts and Jam, but Hook thinks it is boring. Finally, Bones shows off Goodnight Skull Rock, but Hooks doesn't want to hear that either. Hook wants a story about excitement, so the others keep looking. Mr. Smee finds a boos that hadn't been touched in quite a while and dusts it off, and coughs afterwards. Smee notices it's one he hasn't seen before - but it wasn't a book, it was a scroll.

Hook wonders what Smee is up too, wanting to know if it is a story worthy of his time. Smee reveals the scroll was the Pirate Code. Before Smee could finish reading it, Hook grabs it out of his hand. He reads the Pirate Code, and reads that the Buccaneer need to take in a race against the Jolly Roger. It also has to start the day after the first full moon of the year. Sharky notices that it would be the next day. If Bucky lost the race, ownership would go to Hook. However, there is still more to read on the paper. It says that even if Captain Hook wins the race, Jake and his mates have one last chance to win Bucky back. Hook rips the bottom of the paper from Smee's hands and reads what was on the small part of the paper. Hook thinks it's not important at all. Bones wonders what the race means for them, and Hook says that if his crew wins, Bucky will belong to Hook. Smee thinks that Bucky might not be easy to win in the race, since he has lots of gizmos aboard. Hook then wants new gizmos added to The Jolly Roger. The three crewmen then get ready to build the gizmos for Hook. The next morning, all for prepare for the race and sing a song about having Bucky belonging to Hook.

Meanwhile, Jake, Skully, Cubby, and Izzy are playing Pirate Bob Beach ball on Bucky, who is also playing with them. Bucky blocks a kick from Izzy, sending it to Captain Hook who pops in and greets them. Jake says he's come to the wrong place to get treasure, but Hook isn't interested to get any for the day, saying he going for a pirate ship. Skully thinks he's gone crackers. Hook throws the scroll of paper to Jake and promptly reads it. Jake says that Bucky has to race against the Jolly Roger for that day. If they lose, Jake will lose Bucky and Hook gets him. Skully, Izzy, and Cubby don't like the idea. Smee says that the kids have no choice but to race. If they quit, they'll lose their beloved ship. Jake accepts the challenge to race Hook, and says Bucky can race against The Jolly Roger any old day. They two get in each other's face, and start to sing the song Our Ship Be Better. During the song, Hook intends to cheat so he can win Bucky.

After the song is over, Hook says that the race starts at Shipwreck Beach, and he'll see them at the starting line. Cubby is worried that his captain will lose the race and Bucky, however, Jake says he's going to win the race. After their usual talk about the audience wanting to help them, and the Peter's Pirate Team song, Jake's crew finally get to the starting line. Hook thought that Jake had given up. Jake is ready though, and ready to win. Smee then mentions how the rules will work by Sharky and Bones, in song form. Cubby thinks it's awesome, but Hook is concerned about winning Bucky instead. Sharky and Bones sing the first location for the crews: Mermaid Lagoon. Jake tells his crew to get ready to win the race. Sharky and Bones tell the ship to get ready, and yell "Anchors Away!" to both ships. The ships get off with The Jolly Roger getting an early lead. Jake wants Bucky to get to Mermaid Lagoon before Hook's ship does. Jake wants the incidence to cheer on for Bucky, and yell "Go Bucky Go!". Hook notices that Bucky is catching up, and then blocks Bucky from getting ahead.

In his pride, Captain Hook launches coconuts at Bucky to slow him down. Bucky retaliates by using his gizmos to launch the coconuts back at Hook, slowing him down, and giving the sea-pups enough time to reach ahead to Mermaid Lagoon.

Sharky and Bones tell the pirates to find a fish that is not like a fish (in the form of a song). Whilst the puny pirates search for this item, Smee and Hook manage to catch up and get the same info.

After some failed attempts, Cubby finds Sandy the Starfish. They instantly put two and two together and realize that Sandy is the "fish that's not a fish". Once they've solved the riddle, they are informed to go to Skull Rock for the next clue.

Captain Hook and Smee look for a fish that's not a fish, and ultimately fail. After throwing a fit, Hook bumps into Sandy, and figures out the clue (though Smee initially figured it out, Hook scoffed at this before realizing for himself). They are then informed to go to Skull Rock.

Bucky is in the lead, and the pirates rejoice over their friends with Bucky in their song Best Friend Bucky. Once the song is over, they are spotted by Hook, who has another trick up his sleeve. He fires a grappling hook at Bucky, with an anchor attached to it. The anchor is struck near the ground, which lifts Bucky up by his backside. Hook then whips out a propeller which speeds him towards Skull Rock, leaving Jake in the dust (or rather in the bubbles).

When Hook reaches Skull Rock, Sharky and Bones tell him to find an island that looks like a bird. After looking, Hook sees the Eagle Island, which is shaped like an eagle, as the name implies, and sets off, gloating at his victory.

Jake manages to free Bucky from the grappling hook, and they head towards Skull Rock, taking the advice from Sharky and Bones. When they reach the island, they discover that Hook has reached the Eagle Island first and has gotten the winning flag, and as a result, he has won the Great Race and Bucky.

Following the rules of the Pirate Code, Jake gives up Bucky to Captain Hook, and the pirates each say their goodbyes to the ship. They each watch as their ship is tied to the Jolly Roger, and hoisted away. A dejected Jake, Izzy, and Cubby uses pixie dust to fly back to Pirate Island.

When they return, Jake and his crew reminisce all the good times with Bucky, and find a picture of Peter Pan, which was taken during the end of Peter Pan Returns and get an idea to summon him in order to get their help. That night, they scream "Cock-a-doodle doo, Peter Pan we need you!!!" which gets him from across the Lands Beyond the Never Sea to Pirate Island. After reuniting with him, Jake explains why Bucky is under Hook's ownership. After reading the Pirate Code, Pan realizes that the bottom part of the scroll is missing, which made them realize that there's more to the rules than what Hook showed them. After giving them pixie dust, they fly to the Jolly Roger, where they meet Bucky, who is not happy being owned by Captain Hook, clearly shown by a previous scene in which he scares Sharky and Bones off the ship.

Peter and Jake search in the codfish's cabin, and manage to find the last piece of the scroll. Once they find it, they read that even though they lost the race to Captain Hook, they still have one last chance to win Bucky back. They have to fly to Island of Bell and recover the golden bell before sunrise, and will win Bucky back with this task fulfillment. However, there is a warning that the pirates must fight a fire-breathing dragon, who guards the bell and will kill all those who visit. Building up their courage, the pirates fly to the Island of Bell. Meanwhile, fed up with Bucky's bell consent ringing, Captain Hook throws the bell into the Never Sea.

Peter, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully fly to the island fighting wind currents as they land on the island, they travel on foot to a stone arch, near a glow which Jake previously spotted on the mountain. However, Peter is nearly burnt alive by a fiery blaze coming from the dragon. Not wanting to give up, the pirate team forms a plan' Peter and Jake will distract the dragon, whilst Izzy, Cubby, and Skully will retrieve the golden bell. They spring their plan into action, singing What Makes A Hero. The dragon's wits match against the wits of Peter and Jake, as they managed to have the dragon chasing his own tail in the cave tunnels of the Island of Bell.

Izzy and Cubby find the Golden Bell, and fly up to the tree, grabbing the bell. With the help of Pixie Dust, the crew flies the bell back to Bucky. Hook is alarmed at Peter Pan's second return to Never Land. The pirates tells Hook that Bucky is theirs, but Hook says Bucky isn't theirs anymore as he "played" by the Pirate Code: He won and they lost. Peter Pan pulls Hook's nightcap over his eyes and spins him around and tells him not so fast and pointed out that there were more rules to the race that he "forgot" to mention, which was that Jake and his mates can win Bucky back by getting the Great Golden Bell before sunrise, Fulfill this task and Bucky shall be yours once more. Giving Bucky his new bell, the pirates sail back to Pirate Island in their victory, singing a short reprise of Best Friend Bucky. Once they return, they count their twelve gold doubloons collected during the episode. Peter congratulates his crew for their adventure, and once again, gives the Pirates and Bucky a farewell before flying off to the Land Beyond the Never Sea.

Back on the Jolly Roger Hook complains about losing not only Bucky but being bested yet again by Jake, his crew and Peter Pan yet again. As Hook throws a fit, which ultimately malfunctions his gizmos aboard the Jolly Roger, launching him in the air, where he meets Peter Pan on his way to the Land Beyond the Never Sea. Peter offers to help but Hook refuses Pan's help then he realizes he can't fly, he falls into the Never Sea where he emerges on the back of Tick-Tock the Crocodile. Peter comments to Tick-Tock that Hook is all his, much to the crocodile's joy as he licks his chops eagerly grinning at Hook. Hook flees in terror as he curses Peter as he races across the Never Sea with the crocodile in pursuit much to the amusement of Peter Pan.


Background Information

  • Despite being a special, only twelve golden doubloons were collected.
  • It is revealed that the pirates are unhappy if Bucky is taken away, showing that they think of him as a true friend. This is not shown in "Bucky Makes a Splash".
  • Izzy says "Pixie Dust Away!" twice, the first time in a sad way after they lost the race, and the second time to get the golden bell to be hit with pixie dust so Skully can carry it it.
  • Second appearance of Peter Pan. ("Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns") Also, Marina's only appearance was during a clip during the song when the pirates are sad about losing Bucky.





  • Mr. Smee: The Three Little Pirate Piggies,
  • Sharky: Green Coconuts and Jam,
  • Bones: Goodnight Skull Rock,



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