Izzy's trident
Izzy's Trident
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User Izzy
Location Pirate Island
Final State Still on Pirate Island
Izzy's Trident is a small version of Neptune's Trident.

Powers and Abilities

As a miniature version of Neptune's Trident, Izzy's Trident bestows its wielder with similar powers as the original but at a less grander scale as the smaller trident was able to make a small body of water with a single blast. True to the original trident Izzy's Trident can only be wielded by mermaids and since Izzy was given the title of an honorary mermaid, she can safety wield the power of the trident.

Role in the series

Izzy's Trident first appeared in the end of the episode "Izzy's Trident Treasure ", after Jake and his friends assist Marina and Stormy retrieve Neptune's legendary trident from Mount Mer-suvias, a mountain in the middle of a dried-up lake in the desert. Since the mermaids can't walk on land and only a mermaid can touch Neptune's trident. After returning to Pirate Island the mermaids send Izzy a tiny trident as a gift. Curious to see if her new trident works Izzy fires a shot at the ground and a fountain of water shot up out of the ground near Skully's feet.

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