The Ice Ogre is a minor character in Disney Junior animated TV series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. His vocal effects are provided by by Dee Bradley Baker.



The Ice Ogre is large blue beast of Never Land legend say it inhabit the frozen section of the island under the Great Ice Bridge guarding the path of the Blue Ice Diamond.Various pirates fear entering the creatures territory, do to its immense strength and tales of it eating trespassers.

Role in the series

The Ice Ogre first appeared in the episode "Hook on Ice!"Jake's crew teams up with Captain Hook's to find a legendary snow treasure. When both pirate crews make it to the Great Ice Bridge Cubby tries to warn Hook that this was the home of The Ice Ogre, but Hook didn't take the young pirates words seriously. Soon the beast emerges from under the bridge about to attack the captain who couldn't flee due to how slippery the icy bridge was. But Hook is recuse by Jake while Izzy distract the monster with her ice skating performance. After locating the ice treasure Hook refused to share it with Jake and his crew only for Izzy to remind him that he would never have found the treasure if they hadn't rescue him from the ogre.

Video games

In the "Quest For the Four Swords" Disney Junior App Game. In order to save Captain Hook and Mr.Smee, Jake set across the island of Never Land searching for the four legendary magical swords. During his travel through the Ice Cave Jake comes across the Ice Ogre multiple times while traversing the Ice Cave, who is fast asleep who can be used as a trampoline by jumping on his stomach to reach high platforms.

Episode Appearances


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