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The Hummingbirds are minor characters from the Disney Junior animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates. They are a family of Never Land hummingbirds that inhabit the island. They are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the series

The Hummingbirds first appeared in the episode of The Golden Egg when there egg washes onto Pirate Island where it's soon discovered by Jake and his crew. Determined to reunite the egg to its parents, the young pirate team set a course for Never Land. The young pirate head to Never Peak believing the egg may belong to their feathered friend the Never Bird, but she claims she never saw the egg but assist the pirate crew in locating the egg's parents but while searching through Never Land Captain Hook and Mr. Smee try to steal the golden egg.Jake and his crew accompanied with the Never Bird attempts to keep the golden egg from falling into Hook's grasp.The young pirates manages to retrieve the egg off of the turtle back in Turtle Bay.Izzy ask the turtle if the golden egg belong to her,but the turtle shakes her head no.As Jake and his crew set off to find the parents,Hook and his Smee confronts them trying to capture the golden egg once more,The Never Bird attempts to stop Hook but she is later locked in a cage with the egg. Hook and Smee attempt to escape down the river on the back of the giant turtle but it quickly thwarted when the turtle submerges refusing to take part in the villains escape, causing the cage containing the Never Bird and the golden egg drift away and about to sink. Izzy comes to both the egg and Never Bird aid using her Pixie Dust to lift the cage from the water, allowing Jake to free the Never Bird and saving the egg. With Hook thwarted The search continues until a pair of hummingbirds appear and claim the egg which hatches and reveals a hummingbird chick. The family is reunited and flies off.

Printed material

The Hummingbirds only appearance in printed media is the storybook Jake Hatches a Plan loosely based on the episode The Golden Egg. Jake and his crew were enjoying a game of volleyball on the beach when a pair of Never Land hummingbirds needed help searching for there missing golden egg after Captain Hook and Mr. Smee take it believing it to be a treasure.

Episode Appearances



  • While the Hummingbirds don't appear in the episode "Invisible Jake", the mother hummingbird character model is reused in it.

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