Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty titlecard Jake:Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty.


Captain Hook: Are we there yet, Smee? Are we there yet?!

Mr. Smee:We're ten seconds closer than the last time you asked, Cap'n!

Captain Hook:[stammers] I'm just so thrilled, Smee! Red Jessica asked me to come see her!

Bones: Land ho! Crimson Isle dead ahead!

Captain Hook:Why, Smee, that means...

Mr. Smee:Aye, Cap'n, we're finally there!

Captain Hook:My dearest, Red Jessica!

Red Jessica:Ahoy, James! You made excellent time.

Captain Hook:But of course, m'lady! As you know, I am at your command!

Red Jessica:I was hoping you'd say that. Here.

Captain Hook: What's this?

Rosie: Meow!

Captain Hook: Oh!

Red Jessica: Me itty-bitty kitty, Rosie.

Captain Hook: Kitty?

Rosie: Meow.

Red Jessica:I must sail today and the poor dear hates water. You don't mind watching her till I return?

Captain Hook:Sail? Return? Why, no, but I...

Red Jessica:Fabulous! I knew I could count on you, James! Hup! Keep my sweetums safe till my return! Ta-ta, Rosie-wosie! Mommy shall return!

Rosie: Meow?

Mr. Smee:Oh, what an adorable little kitty, eh, sir?

Captain Hook:There is no such thing as an adorable cat! Here!

Mr. Smee: Oh! Whoopsie! Oh, dear, Cap'n, the cat's loose!

Captain Hook:[stammers] Don't just stand there! Catch that scurvy feline!

Mr. Smee:Catching, Cap'n!

Song: Runaway Kitty:
All: Swinging in the rigging Running round
All: {{Note}Hurry up mates Let's chase her down
All: Feline peeling off the wall
All: Like a frisky fuzzy cannonball
All: She's a runaway kitty Meow-meow
All: She's a runaway kitty Chase her down
All: She's a runaway kitty Meow-meow-meow

Jake:Steady as she goes, Cubby!

Cubby:Aye-aye, Jake!

Izzy:Way-hey, mateys, what's happening over on Crimson Isle?

Jake: It's the Jolly Roger. But something really weird is going on! Captain Hook might need our help. Bucky, full speed to Crimson Isle!

Hook: Capture it, Smee!

Smee: Almost had her, sir!

Bones:Fast as furry lightning she is!

Jake:Ahoy, Captain Hook! What seems to be the trouble!?

Hook: Nothing I can't handle on me own! - [screeches] - Ahh! Ooh!

Rosie: [meows]


Izzy: Where'd that kitty come from?

Smee:That kitty belongs to Red Jessica. The Cap'n agreed to watch her!

Hook:And I did watch her, run away! Look alive, you swabs. We must catch that kitty.

Jake: We'd be glad to help you get the cat back, Captain Hook! Mateys, will you help us catch Red Jessica's cat for Captain Hook? Great! Let's all keep a lookout for gold doubloons. Whenever we solve a pirate problem together, they'll appear. Then we'll collect 'em and put' em in our Team Treasure Chest.

Skully:Is everybody ready?

Jake:I got my sword!

Cubby:I got my map!

Izzy:And I've got my pixie dust! The fairies gave it to me so that we can use it to fly! But only in emergencies!

Jake:Yo-ho, let's go! Song: Yo Ho Mateys Away:
All: Yo ho, mateys away
All: There'll be treasure and adventure today
Skully: Let's go!
All: Heave-ho, here we go
All: Together as a team
All: Jake and the Never Land pirates...
All: And me

Hook: Ohh. Where did that fleeing feline go?

Skully: Fear not, Hook! Kitty-cat's heading toward Crimson Isle Gorge!

Jake:Whoa! Hold up, mateys! Look! There's Rosie! Out in the middle of the zip-line!


Hook:Grab her, you bumbling buccaneers!

Smee, Sharky and Bones:[shouting]

Smee: Oh, dear!

Sharky:Here, kitty-kitty!

Bones:We're comin' to getcha!

Rosie: [meowing]

[men grunting]


[men groaning]

Cubby:Aw, coconuts! How can we cross the gorge and catch Rosie now?

Jake:I have an idea. Hey, Captain Hook, nice hook you've got there!

Hook:Jake! This is highly unusual!

Jake:Ready, everyone? Jump!


Jake:Yo-ho, we made it across the gorge and got two gold doubloons. Let's grab 'em and go find that cat!

Rosie:[far away meow]

Smee: Why, look! Kitty's sneaking off toward Big Rock River!

Rosie: [meowing]

Hook: You foul feline! I, Captain Hook, command you to return to me immediately!


Hook:Tah! I'll show her. Men! Follow me!

[all shouting]]

Jake:Captain Hook, hook my sword!

Hook:Cantankerous cat! Is there no place she cannot go!?

Smee:Oh, those rocks are too narrow and slippery for us pirates, I'm afraid!

Cubby:I got it! Let's push 'em over like dominoes so they'll make a bridge! Come on! Everybody, push!

[all grunting]

Cubby: Yeah! Let's go! Whoo-hoo! We did it! We crossed Big Rock River and we got two more gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em, and go grab that cat!

Izzy:[gasps] Look! Footprints! She went this way! Yo-ho, let's go! The footprints lead into this canyon!

Cubby:And there's no way out!

Hook:I've finally got that feline cornered! She can't get away from me now! What seems to be the hold-up?

Izzy: The cat prints in the mud are suddenly... bigger. Much bigger.

Smee:Oh, dear. [stammers] Mightn't that be why?

Rosie: [purring]

Sasha: [snores]

Smee, Sharky and Bones: [all stammering] Tiger!

Smee:Abandon ship!

Hook: Fie and fish sticks! That poor itty-bitty kitty doesn't know it's in terrible, terrible danger!

Jake, Izzy and Cubby: Huh!?

Hook:Here, kitty-kitty. Come on, Rosie-wosie! Hooky-wookie will save you!

Rosie: Meow. [purring]

Hook: Who's a good girl? Rosie's a good girl!

Jake: I guess the kitty finally got to you, huh, Captain Hook? You like her!

Hook:Perhaps a wee bit, but after all, just look at that sweet little face!


Smee: Ship ho! It looks like Red Jessica's ship, Cap'n! She's sailin' back home!

Hook:Oh, we must greet m'lady! I'm certain she's missed her itty-bitty kitty. Izzy! Sprinkle us with magic dusty stuff so we can fly to her!

Izzy: Sorry, Captain Hook, Pixie Dust is only for emergencies.

Sasha: [tiger roars]

Hook:[nervous laugh] Would this qualify as one of those "emergencies"?

Izzy:Way ahead of you. Pixie dust away!

Rosie: Meow.

Hook: Don't worry, Rosie-wosie, Captain Hooky-wookie will keep you safe! There you are, Sweetie Kitty, safe and sound! Mommy should be dropping anchor any minute now!

Jake:Well, Captain Hook. I'm glad we could help you out.

Hook:Thank you, popinjays! I suppose you did help in some small way!


All: So long, Rosie!

Izzy:Yo-ho, mateys, we safely returned Rosie to Captain Hook, And we got three more gold doubloons! Let's grab 'em and go back to Pirate Island!

Jake: Yo-ho, way to go, mateys! Thanks for helping return Rosie! Now, let's put all our gold doubloons into our Team Treasure Chest.

Song: Team Treasure Chest song:
Way-hey, well done, crew
Everyone knew just what to do
Way-hey, with help from you
It's time to count our gold doubloons

Jake:Come on, count with us!

All: Yeah!

Jake: One, two...

Cubby: Three, four...

Izzy:Five, six, seven.

Jake: Yo-ho! For solving pirate problems today, we got seven gold doubloons! Say, mateys, what should we do next?

Skully:I know! How about payin' a visit to Red Jessica! We didn't even get to say hello to that swashbucklin' gal!

Cubby:But, Skully, we were just there.

Skully:I know but, I miss little Rosie-wosie!

All: Aww...

Roise: Meow.

Red Jessica:Mommy missed you too, yes she did! Thank you, James, for taking such good care of Rosie! I never knew you were so fond of cats.

Hook:Yes, I do so love furry little things. I've always been quite the cat fancier!

Red Jessica: Oh, well then maybe you'd like to meet my other kitty.

Hook:Other kitty?

Red Jessica: Sasha!

Sasha: [roars]

Hook:[gasps] It's the tiger! Flee, ye swabs, flee!

All: Fleeing, sir, fleeing!

Red Jessica:Now what's gotten into him?


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