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Hidden Valley
Background Information
First appearance "The Doubloon Monsoon"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location The Never Land Desert
Visitors Jake, Skully, Captain Hook, Bones,Mama Hook,Captain Buzzard Bones
Final state Still Standing

Hidden Valley is a mysterious canyon located in the Never Land Desert and the only place in Never Land that the Doubloon Monsoon, a tornado of gold doubloons can be found.

Role in the series

Hidden Valley first appeared in the episode "The Doubloon Monsoon", Bones introduced his grandfather, Captain Buzzard Bones to Mama Hook. However, Captain Buzzard wasn't quick to trust a member of Hook's family and believed Mama Hook was just as sneaky as her son. which caused both Mama Hook and Captain Buzzard to develop a rivalry, constantly bickering and throwing nasty insults at one another during there quest to uncover the Doubloon Monsoon. Unknown to Mama Hook her son,Captain Hook tried to prevent Bones and Captain Buzzard from reaching the treasure but with the assistance of Jake and Skully both Bones and his grandfather were able to catch up and inform Mama Hook of James action, causing her to scold her son and informing him that the Hook family doesn't cheat. Soon the pirates reached Hidden Valley but Hook and Bones weren't happy with the tie between the two of them and decided the victor would be the one who manages to retrieve a doubloon from the monsoon but both pirates end up in danger of being swallowed in the tornado of treasure. It wasn't until both Mama Hook and Captain Buzzard with the help of Jake and Skully put aside there differentiates to save both Bones and Hook from the monsoon.


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