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Heart of Coldness
General information
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Background information
Other Names
User ShiverJack (formerly)
Purpose To amplifier ShiverJack's powers
Location FrozenGuard
Final State Destroyed when it overheats and explodes
The Heart of Coldness was a heart shape gemstone hidden deep beneath the frozen depths of ShiverJack's lair FrozenGuard.


The Heart of Coldness was said to have the power that ShiverJack desired to help him freeze Never Land into his dark design but the gemstone was located deep within the bowls of the Never Sea beneath his lair preventing ShiverJack and his minions from reaching it. ShiverJack knew the only means to retrieve the gemstone was capturing the penguins of Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon.

Role in the series

The Heart of Coldness first appeared in the episode "Into the Heart of Coldness".ShiverJack tricks Pearl and the rest of penguins of Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon with the assistance of his snow creatures,the Snow Mugs.Once back in his icy fortress, FrozenGuard he reveals to Pearl that he needed the penguins to locate the Heart of Coldness, a icy heart like gem deep beneath the bowls of the icy waters of his fortress. However the hole proved to small for ShiverJack and his underlings.With the power of the Heart of Coldness will give ShiverJack the extra power he needed to turn all of Never Land into his personal icy paradise.Pearl refused at first but when ShiverJack threatens to freeze the penguin's Pearl caves in to save her people.ShiverJack soon gloats finally having the power he longs for when Jake and his crew confront him after they escape from the dungeon.A battle between ShiverJack and Jake erupts but using the power of the Mighty Captain Sword to blast heat beam turn the tide on ShiverJack's Heart of Coldness,causing it to overheat.With the rising heat the Heart of Coldness soon threatens to explode, Jake,his crew and the penguins manage to escape FrozenGuard,when the Heart of Coldness explodes engulfing ShiverJack's fortress in enchanted ice.


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