Release the hammerhead.[chuckles] Happy hammering, me proud beauty!
―Captain Hook

The Hammerhead Shark is a minor character featured in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. He is a mischievous Never Land hammerhead shark. His vocal effect are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the series

The Hammerhead first appeared in the episode "Jake's Royal Rescue", during Sharky and Bones song The One That Got Away. Later when Jake and his crew gives chase after Captain Hook and his men aboard Bucky on the open Never Sea to rescue Queen Coralie. Captain Hook releases the Hammerhead to attack Bucky allowing him a chance to escape. However Bucky transforms into his submarine form and dives into the depth of the Never Sea with the Hammerhead in pursuit it wasn't until Bucky swam through some old sunken shipwrecks that the shark gives up the chase and gleeful laughing as it rams the various shipwrecks, allowing Jake and his comrades to pursue Hook and rescue Queen Coralie. The Hammerhead is last seen at the end of the episode as Hook sulks at his latest plot for treasure is foiled yet again he hears a strange sound coming from the side of his ship, only to see the Hammerhead gleeful ramming the side of the Jolly Roger causing it to sink.

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  • The Hammerhead is very similar to Orange Octopus, more precisely to his Return to Never Land, counterpart, as both sea creatures were summoned by Captain Hook to foil the heroes. Coincidentally, both The Hammerhead and the Octopus cause the Jolly Roger to sink.

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