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Great Tree Glade
Background Information
First appearance "Peter's Musical Pipes"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Visitors Jake,Izzy,Cubby,Skully,Sharky, Bones,Captain Hook, Mr. Smee
Final state Still standing
Great Tree Glade is large forest hidden within Never Land. A musical treasure is said to reveal itself within Great Tree Glade when a special song is played with Peter Pan's Musical Pipes.

Role in the series

Great Tree Glade first appeared in the episode "Peter's Musical Pipes". Peter Pan flies to Pirate Island, leaving his musical pipes, before flying away. Jake and his crew wake up to find that Peter Pan's musical pipes and a message. Jake reads the message from Peter informing the pirates to take his musical pipes to Great Tree Glade a musical treasure will appear when Peter's musical pipes is played. Jake and his crew set out to find the treasure on Never Land. Meanwhile on the Jolly Roger Captain Hook is unhappy that Sharky and Bones are wasting their time playing music instead of doing their various chores aboard the ship. He makes them walk the plank. Later Sharky and Bones join Jake and his crew on their journey when they bump into them at Cattail Chasm. After making their way through Tiki Forest they end up at Great Tree Glade. Just as Jake was about to play musical pipes Captain Hook and Mr. Smee swoop in and take the pipes with his fishing rod hook. As Hook furiously scolds Sharky and Bones for joining forces with the puny pirates he accidentally drops Peter's musical pipes on a rock and they break in half. Jake suggests that each play one-half song to reveal the treasure. Hook reluctantly agrees to Jake's offer but finds that the musical pipes are to difficult for him to play. Jake convinces Hook to let Sharky and Bones play since they are so skilled a playing various musical interments. Hook agrees to have Sharky and Bones rejoin his crew if they play the pipes for him. Sharky and Bones agree to rejoin Hook's crew and play the tune if Hook gives his word never to make the duo walk the plank again. Hook agrees to Sharky's terms and he plays the musical pipes and reveals the treasure of Great Tree Glade that the tree plays music. Captain Hook finds himself captivated by the trees song and was determined to control it and orders Sharky and Bones to takes the pipes. However, Bones returns the pipes back to Jake much to Hook's confusion. Sharky explains that Bones return them to Jake because the pipes don't belong to them, much to Hook's fury who confirms that they plunder treasure and threaten to make them walk the plank once more when they return to ship. But Smee, Sharky, and Bones remind Hook that he gave his word not to. Hook furious he desperately tries to reclaim the pies himself but Jake and his crew manage to get away with the help of Izzy's Pixie Dust.


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