The Gorilla is a minor character in Jake and the Never Land Pirates. His vocal effect are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.

Role in the series

The Gorilla first appeared in the episode "Pirate Swap!",Cubby and Bones were the lucky candidates for Pirate Swap Day Bones became a part of Jake's crew for the day and Cubby apart of Captain Hook's crew. Both pirates would later return to their proper crew once the day was over after learning a whole new experience on how the other pirate crew lives. Back on Never Land, both crews had to get past a Never Land Gorilla in order to meet up at Big Stone Circle. Cubby threw a banana to distract the gorilla so Hook and the other members of the Jolly Roger could escape. Later Jake,Izzy, Skully and Bones come across the gorilla,Bones reveals his vast knowledge regarding animals and the gorilla's weakness for being tickles behind the ear, Skully flies overhead and tickles the ape behind its left ear, giving the others the chance to get past him. The Gorilla is last seen at the end of the episode after the meeting at Big Stone Circle is over and Bones returns to Hook's crew they become hopelessly lost within the Never Land Jungle. But do his pride and his stubbornness Captain Hook order his crew to follow him through the dark jungle back to the Jolly Roger only to be confronted by the gorilla once more sending Hook and his crew fleeing deeper into the jungle as they panic with the gorilla in pursuit.

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