Golden spoon-The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off
Golden Spoon of Pride
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User Skully, Cubby
Location Pirate Island
Final State Presume to still be on Pirate Island.
But only the chef with today's tastiest coconut recipe will win the Golden Spoon of Pride!

The Golden Spoon of Pride is an object in the Disney Junior series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. It a golden spoon featured as the grand prize of the winner of The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off.

Role in the series

Golden Spoon of Pride first appeared in the episode "The Never Land Coconut Cook-Off". Jake and his crew take part in the Never Land coconut cook-off with their various coconut dishes in hopes of winning the Golden Spoon of Pride. Captain Hook attempts to steal but he couldn't evade the watchful eye of Skully who snatches the spoon from Hook's grasp and informing him he wants to win the Golden Spoon of Pride he would have to join the cook-off. Hook soon joins the contest to win the Golden Spoon of Pride but couldn't make up his mind what dish to enter in the contest he soon spots Misty the Wonderful Witch's magical recipe book when Misty was distracted Hook conjures up a souffle that transforms into a giant coconut Soufflé Monster that attacks Hook and his bumbling crew leaving them helpless within a gooey mess before kidnapping Izzy and making its way to Belch Mountain with Jake, Cubby, and Misty in pursuit. It wasn't until Jake and the others use Izzy's popcorn machine to create a loud noise to pop the soufflé monster, this works and Izzy wins the Coconut Cook-Off. The Golden Spoon of Pride reappears at the end of the episode back on Pirate Island Cubby is seen cooking with it.


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