Golden Ship
Golden Ship
First appearance "The Pirate Princess "
Latest appearance "Captain Frost"
Video games
Park attractions
Maximum speed
Crew Pirate Princess (captain)
Passengers Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Winger

The Golden Ship is a ship belonging to the legendary Pirate Princess.

Role in the series

The princess and her ship makes their first appearance in the episode "The Pirate Princess ", Izzy informs Jake and Cubby of the legend after being cursed by the Sea Witch the princess and her golden ship crash into a hidden grotto on Never Land.The young pirate team venture through Never Land to free the princess from the witch's curse. Captain Hook and Mr. Smee also heard about the legend and decide to steal the princess' ship which is made of 24k gold as well.Izzy uses her pixie dust to free the princess and all is restored but Captain Hook is still determined to steal the ship. Luckily Skully made shadows resembling the sea witch, thus scaring off Hook and his crew. She thanks the pirates and deem Izzy a true princess.

The Golden Ship reappears at the end of the episode "The Never Rainbow",after Jake and his crew help the Pirate Princess restore the power to her wand. Back on Pirate Island, the Pirate Princess lets her friends Izzy and Jake try out the fully charged wand.

The Golden Ship reappears at the end of the episode "Smee-erella!", taking part in the pirate ship parade led by Mr. Smee.

In the episode "Captain Frost",The Pirate Princess is seen sailing her ship when confronted by Hook and his crew as they attempt to steal her diamonds.Unknown to Hook at the time that it was all apart of Jake and his crew's plan using Hook's greed against him would lead to Jake and his mateys reclaiming the magical gem the North Wind Snowflake he stole from Captain Frost .