Captain Fisher's treasure
Golden Fishing Poles
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Other Names
User Captain Fisher, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully
Purpose catch fish
Location At the bottom of Crocodile Creek (originally)
Pirate Island (current)
Final State Still on Pirate Island
The Golden Fishing Poles formerly belong to the legendary pirate fisherman Captain Fisher he hid them on Never Land before leaving the island.

Role in the series

In the episode "Cubby's Sunken Treasure" Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully were fishing on Pirate Island when they fish out Captain Fisher's bottle. The young pirates discovers that the bottle is magic and that Captain Fisher left clues to find his treasure hidden somewhere on Never Land. Unknown to Jake and his crew Captain Hook and Mr. Smee were spying on them yet again. Hook swipes the bottle when the puny pirates reach the first location on Never land. But Jake and his crew remember and headed to the second location atop the Twisty Tree and look for an X. Captain Fisher's treasure chest was hidden at the bottom of Crocodile Creek.

Printed material

The Golden Fishing Poles makes a cameo appearance in the book, "My First Look Find Jake and the Never Land Pirates". As one of the various objects scattered aboard Bucky.


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