The Gill Creature is a supporting character from Disney Junior's television series Jake and the Never Land Pirates. His vocal effects are provided by Dee Bradley Baker.



The Gill Creature once served as a loyal member of Captain Colossus's crew, helping to guide the Mighty Colossus through stormy seas. Sometimes before his disappearance, Captain Colossus entrusted the Gill Creature with his sword. Many years past and the Gill Creature still watches over the sword waiting for the return of his captain.

Role in the series

The Gill Creature first appeared in the episode "The Creature of Doubloon Lagoon", while cleaning the Mighty Colossus, Cubby accidentally triggers signal flare cannon that summoned a mysterious Gill Creature aboard the ship. The Creature searches the ship with no signs of his former captain only to be startled by Jake and his crew as he fled back into the Never Sea. Later The Gill Creature finds himself being pursued by Captain Hook and his crew who wish to capture the creature to discover what riches he may be hiding. The chase takes the Creature, Hook and his crew through Spooky Swamp, where the Gill Creature hid amongst the darkness of the swamp remaining perfectly still hoping Hook and his crew would pass mistaking him for a tree within the darkness. It wasn't until Bones used his various animal communication skills to uncover the Gill Creature who flees from the swamp to Doubloon Lagoon where he hid a treasure, a golden sword once belonging Captain Colossus. After a long chase, the Gill Creature is captured by Hook and his crew and forced to reveal the treasure on a small island where hid a treasure, luckily Jake and his crew soon come to the creature aid, ending up in a duel between Jake and Captain Hook, with Jake being victorious. The Gill Creature rewards Jake after learning he is the new captain of the Mighty Colossus with Captain Colossus's sword and Gillie the Gill Creature friendship.

Episode Appearances


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  • The Gill Creature is based on the creature from The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

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