FrozenGuard-Jake's Cold-Hearted Matey
Background Information
First appearance Into the Heart of Coldness
Latest appearance Captain Hook's Last Stand! (cameo)
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location In the middle of the Never Sea far from Never Land
Ruler(s) ShiverJack
Inhabitants ShiverJack ,Snow Mugs,ChillyZack (formerly)
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Percy, Pearl the Penguin,Percy's Colony,Grim Buccaneer,Peter Pan
Final state Still standing

FrozenGuard is a large icy fortress where ShiverJack resides and plots to turn all of Never Land into his frozen domain.

Role in the series

FrozenGuard first appeared in the episode "Into the Heart of Coldness", ShiverJack captures Pearl and the rest of penguins of Chi-Chi-Chilly Canyon with the assistance of his snow creatures, the Snow Mugs. Once back at FrozenGuard he reveals to Pearl that he needed the penguins to locate the Heart of Coldness, an icy heart like gem located deep beneath the bowls of the icy waters of his fortress. However, the hole proved too small for ShiverJack and his underlings. With the power of the Heart of Coldness, will give ShiverJack the extra power he needed to turn all of Never Land into his personal icy paradise.

FrozenGuard reappears in the episode "Jake's Cold-Hearted Matey ", ShiverJack was busy coming up with the perfect spell to rid himself of Jake and his crew once and for all that he ignored his nephew ChillyZack who wanted to spend time with him. However, ChillyZack came up with his own idea to get rid of Jake and his crew believing the pirates to be evil in order to win his uncles approval. But during his time with the young pirate crew, he learns they were not the villains that his uncle claim them to be. ShiverJack stumbles upon Zack accidentally capture of Jake and his crew and was delighted by his nephew's handy work.ShiverJack summons a giant snake made of ice and snow that took him all night to find.ShiverJack is later defeated by ChillyZack using his icy magic he learned.ShiverJack swears he'll have revenge on both his nephew and Jake as he and is icy minions are sent flying by Izzy's Pixie Dust.ShiverJack is last seen soaring over the waters of his ice palace FrozenGuard when the Pixie Dust wears off sending ShiverJack and his minions plummeting into the Never Sea only to be chased back to his lair by a school of hungry Never-Sharks.

FrozenGuard makes a brief reappearance in the episode "The Legion of Pirate Villains ", the Snow Mugs were asleep at there post on FrozenGuard when ShiverJack wakes them and orders them to get back to work before is abducted by the Grim Buccaneer.

FrozenGuard makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Captain Hook's Last Stand! ", during the closing musical number as Peter Pan and Jake soar past FrozenGuard when they are attacked by ShiverJack. However, the hero's manage to quickly thwart the ice wizard as they trick him into freezing himself in his own enchanted ice.


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