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The Forbidden City
Background Information
First appearance "The Forbidden City"
Latest appearance
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Other Information
Other names
Location Far from the shores of Never Land
Inhabitants Warrior Statues
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones,Captain Chen
Final state Still Standing

The Forbidden City is a large palace on an island far from the shores of Never Land. The city is guarded by an army of statue-like stone warriors.



As Captain Chen reveals the city was once prosperous and full of life until the sorcerer that cursed him arrive and brought great destruction and chaos to the city leaving the city uninhabited. The city is now guarded by an army of stone statues that prevent trespassers from entering the city. The only means to get past the stone statues is to pass their various test of strength and combat. The city now holds all of the sorcerer's cursed treasure as well as a single container of Dragon Fang Dust that had the power to reverse the curse.

Role in the series

The Forbidden City first appeared in the episode "of the same name", Captain Chen needed Jake and his crew help finding the Forbidden City which has a cure for his dragon curse. While journeying through the Forbidden City Chen and Jake had to face various trials in order to find a means to return himself to normal. Unknown to the heroes, Captain Hook and his scurvy crew follow them into the city and try taking the sorcerers enchanted treasure, turning Hook into a dragon in the process. But with the assistance of Chen and Jake they manage to capture Hook. In order to spare Never Land from Hook's fiery wrath, Chen gives up his only means to break the dragon curse and gives it to Hook, return the greedy pirate back to normal. Chen is last seen thanking Jake and his crew for there efforts before leaving Pirate Island to find another means of breaking the curse.


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