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Fiery Eye of Molta
General information
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Background information
Other Names Medallion of Molta
User Chief Molta, Captain Hook
Location Belch Mountain (originally)
Final State Destroyed.
The Fiery Eye of Molta is a golden medallion of great power hidden deep within the fiery depths of Belch Mountain, a volcano on Never Land.

Role in series

The Fiery Eye of Molta first appeared in the episode "March Of The Lava Monsters". Captain Hook and his crew search through fiery depths of Belch Mountain for the Red hot medallion of Molta, which will give Hook the power he longed for to take over Never Land. Bones stumbles upon the treasure chest containing the medallion, much to the delight of Hook but as the greedy captain reaches for medallion he drops it into the fiery depths of the lava in Belch Mountain do to the heat coming from it and awakens a Lava Monster called Chief Molta. Hook tries to order Molta around but when Chief Molta summons two more lava monsters, Hook originally thought Molta was making an army for him but Molta bellowed that he created the other monsters so he can transform Never Land into his own personal fiery domain, referred to as Lava Land. The Lava Monsters immediately turn on Hook and his crew as they make there way out of the volcano and into Never Land. Jake and his crew soon become aware of Molta and his minions and attempt to stop them. But the lava creatures proved to be too formidable for the young pirates first attempts to stop them, it wasn't until witnessing the Lava Monsters' reaction to water as Hook and his crew tried to reclaim the medallion. Then Jake and his crew use water cannons and buckets luring the monsters out of the jungle and to the beach towards the Never Sea. Molta soon stops his minions from falling into the sea and fuses with them into a larger more powerful "Mega Molten Monster". It wasn't until Jake and his crew return to Bucky and using the power of his super scooper to retrieve a large amount of water to put the giant lava monster out for good, cooling its body down enough for the Fiery Eye of Molta to be destroyed and Chief Molta is turned to stone and crumbles away into a lifeless pile of rubble.


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