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Everspring Fountain
Background Information
First appearance "Captain Hook's Last Stand!"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Big Bug Valley in Never Land
Visitors Izzy, John Darling
Final state Still standing

Everspring Fountain is a enchanted fountain located deep within Big Bug Valley on Never Land. The water from the fountain is known for its growing properties.

Role in the series

The Everspring Fountain first appeared in the episode "Captain Hook's Last Stand!" Izzy and John Darling enter Big Bug Valley to get the enchanted water from Everspring Fountain from the valley that will help turn Peter Pan back to normal after Captain Hook turns him into stone with the power of the Doom Stone. While retrieving the water from the Everspring Fountain, the young heroes accidentally cause the massive Boulder Beetles to stampede. As Izzy and John flee from the giant insects they are soon confronted by Captain Hook who agrees to help them if they reveal the location of the petrified Peter to him. Izzy and John refuse Hook's demand and manage to escape on their own by climbing up a tree while the greedy Hook leaves the duo to their fate. After the Boulder Beetles calm down and Hook searches elsewhere for Peter, Izzy and John return to Jake and the other with the water from the Everspring Fountain they collected.


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