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Dragon Fang Dust
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Background information
Other Names
User Captain Chen
Purpose The power to break the dragon curse
Location Forbidden City
Final State Used to restore Captain Hook back to his human form
Dragon Fang Dust is a magical green powder that has the power to break the sorcerer's dragon curse.The Dragon Dust was once locked away within the Forbidden City.


The Dragon Fang Dust is currently only source of magic introduced within the series that has the magical power that can reverse reverse the sorcerer's curse.

Role in the series

Dragon Fang Dust first appeared in the episode "The Forbidden City",Captain Chen comes to asks Captain Jake and his crews help finding the Forbidden City which has Dragon Fang Dust locked within its walls,it has the magical properties to cure him from the dragon curse.While journeying through the Forbidden City, Chen and Jake had to face various trials in their quest to uncover the Dragon Fang Dust.As the group press forward the come across a mountain of gold,Chen warns his young friends not to touch it or risk to fall under sorcerer's curse the as well.Unknown to the hero at the time Captain Hook and his scurvy crew manage to slip within in the Forbidden City in hopes of finding treasure.It was long until Hook's greedy nature gets the better or him as he touches the enchanted sorcerers treasure turning himself into a dragon.But with the assistance of Chen and Jake manage to capture Hook.In order to spare Never Land from Hook's fiery wrath Chen uses the Dragon Fang Dust to break the curse on Hook.


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