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Deep Dark Valley
Background Information
First appearance "Where's Mama Hook?"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Inhabitants Two-toothed tiger,Hairy-scary Bat
Visitors Jake, Izzy, Cubby,Skully,Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharky, Bones, Mama Hook
Final state Still Standing
Deep Dark Valley? Oh, no! That place is scary! All pirates fear to go there!
―Mr. Smee

Deep Dark Valley is a location in Never Land it is said to be one of the scariest places in Never Land that all pirates fear to go there.

Role in the series

Deep Dark Valley first appeared in the episode "Where's Mama Hook?",Mama Hook decides to join her son and crew for tea time. But while climbing aboard the Jolly Roger spills into jasmine tea leaves into the Never Sea. Not one to let this setback discourage her Mama Hook decided to venture to Peaceful Valley to retrieve more. Mr. Smee knew of a map that could lead Mama Hook there. But discover a map Deep Dark Valley, Smee knew of that dreadful place all to well and decided to get rid of it putting aside while he continues his search for the map to Peaceful Valley. Unknown to Mama Hook accidentally picks up the wrong map, and instead of leaving to Peaceful Valley, she left to Deep Dark Valley.


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