The dassel Diamond
Dazzle Diamond
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Background information
Other Names
User Captain Hook,Izzy, Pirate Princess
Purpose Restores the color to the Pirate Princess's Rainbow Wand
Location Never Land
Final State magically fades away
The Dazzle Diamond is a magical diamond that appears at the end of the Never Rainbow. It is the only source of magic in Never Land that can restore colors to the Pirate Princess's rainbow wand.

Role in the series

The Dazzle Diamond first appeared in the episode "The Never Rainbow." The Pirate Princess returns to Pirate Island to ask Jake and his crew for help finding the diamond which holds the power to restore color to the princess rainbow Wand. While the young pirates search through Never Land for the diamond Captain Hook and his crew over hears the young pirates on the hunt for the Dazzle Diamond.Hook decided to claim the treasure for himself.When Jake and his friends finally made through the Purple Path and located the diamond Hook tried to steal the diamond but the diamond faded away as soon as Never Rainbow faded away.