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Cubby's Coconut Collection
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User Cubby, Captain Hook
Location Pirate Island
Final State Still on Pirate Island
Cubby's Coconut Collection is Cubby's prized collection of coconuts. Cubby has collected various coconuts he has found on the island of Never Land that vary in size, color and in various shapes. Cubby keeps his prized collection in it own room inside the hideout on Pirate Island.

Roles in the series

Cubby's Coconut Collection is first mentioned in the episode "Emerald Coconut".Cubby and the rest of the crew receive a message from Peter Pan about a legendary Emerald Coconut.Cubby heard of the rare coconut but was never able to find and brings along his camera to take a picture of for his coconut collection rather then taking it for himself,allowing ever one on the island to enjoy it. Unfortunately,Captain Hook steals the Emerald Coconut to add to his own collection,triggering the pirate booby-traps Pan left to keep Hook at bay,However Jake and Izzy push Hook and Smee out of the way and end up locked inside a cage. The only way to be free them is for Cubby and Skully to return the Emerald Coconut.

Cubby's Coconut Collection is briefly mentioned in the episode "Tick Tock Trap". Cubby and the rest of Jake's crew were on top of palm tree taking picture of a coconut that Cubby needed for his collection when the young pirates overhear Captain Hook has hired Brewster the Beast Trapper to capture and rid Never Land of Tick-Tock the Crocodile. Jake and his crew attempt to stop and convince Brewster that Tick-Tock belongs in Never Land, and that Hook is the real threat.

Cubby's Coconut Collection makes its first appearance in the episode Hideout…It's Hook!,When Captain Hook falls into the Jake and his crews hideout, Jake and his crew try to flush him out.Hook stumbles into Cubby's collection while trying to find the sea pups treasure room.

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