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Crimson Isle Gorge
Background Information
First appearance "Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty"
Latest appearance
Park attractions
Other Information
Other names
Location Crimson Isle
Visitors Rosie,Jake,Izzy,Cubby,Skully, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee,Sharky,Bones
Final state Still standing
Fear not, Hook! Kitty-cat's heading toward Crimson Isle Gorge!

Crimson Isle Gorge is a large canyon on Crimson Isle and the only means to get to the other side is zip-lining on a jungle vine.

Role in the series

Crimson Isle Gorge first appeared in the episode "Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty" Red Jessica called for Captain Hook's presence, much to the love-struck captain's delight. He was quickly disappointed, however, when he learned the meeting wasn't romantically centered, but instead a request to cat-sit! Red Jessica had to set sail and run some errands out to sea, but Rosie is terrified of water. Red Jessica convinces Hook to watch over her kitten while she's away. But no sooner than Red Jessica departure, Captain Hook loses Rosie in the jungle. So with the help of both his and Jake's crew search Crimson Isle for Rosie. Jake and Hook's crew soon catch up to Rosie as she crosses Crimson Isle Gorge. Captain Hook commands Mr. Smee,Sharky and Bones to capture the cat as he pushes the trio across the zip-line vine as try not only to get there grip on the vine as they race across the chasm to the other side Rosie hitched a ride just out of the trio reach until they reach the other end of Crimson Isle. Rosie flees as Smee, Sharky, and Bones crash to the floor of the other end of Crimson Isle. Hook cursed his bumbling crew allowed Rosie to escape.Cubby was puzzled on how would they get across but Jake had an idea with the assistance of Captain Hook using his hook zip-line across once more Jake and his crew were able to time there landing easily while Hook crashes into tree on the other side of Crimson Isle.


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